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Hysteroscopy?will NHS fund for a day surgery?

Hi ladies

Really need a reply for this.Is there a NHS funding for day surgeries.Right now we are qualified only for sub fertility treatment.After my HSG was done,doctor said that i might be having a polyp(as my uterus shape was abnormal)

recently.so wondering if the hysteroscopy is covered under sub-fertility level funding.Please throw some light on this.

Thank you

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If you have a polyp, it needs to be treated before you have any fertility treatment. Whilst lots of ladies will get pregnant naturally with polyps, for those who ned extra help, they should be removed. Your consultant should refer you - mine was willing to under the NHS, but there was a long waiting list, so I used my rainy day funds to pay for treatment. Mine was removed, the next month I had treatment, and I'm not 1 month away from giving birth.


Thank you for the reply flowergirl.unfortunately our private insurance does not treat for infertility.Also we are leaving U.K in may'14 !! dont know what to do !!



I had one on the NHS about 2.5 years ago - I'd been having irregular bleeding between periods and although the Consultant at the NHS sub-fertility clinic didnt think it was a problem, when we went to CARE for our first funded IVF cycle, they did think it was worth investigating and told me to see my GP and get a referral for a hysteroscopy to check out my uterus and cervix. We actually only had to wait about 6 weeks, had it have been longer, we'd have paid CARE to have done it for us quicker, it was about £800 I think.

It didnt find anything but was just something else checked off the list and worth having in case it would cause any issues in your cycle.

Good luck xx


Thank you Treacle.


For a polyp removal, at the beginning of this year, the waiting time was about 12 weeks, so try and badger away. The worst that could happen is that you have to withdraw from the list because you have left the country - but it is probably better to press on at this time. xx


my scan was over ! NO POLYPS.but certainly there is some uterine abnormality.

again on the waiting list for hysteroscopy


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