High FSH what does this mean for my chances of pregnancy

Hi there, i am 32 years old and i have been trying for a baby for over 18 months now, the doctor kept telling me that i was still you however after pushing the point i have had two 21 day test and they have came back high FSH, i have been told that my only option is donor egg or adoption. Feeling so low after being told this, waiting on a fertility appointment. Can anyone help with advice or know of other options that i have. Thank you x

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  • Hi Patientpolly. Bit confused with your blood results. You should have had 2 tests done. The first one on Day 2 or 3 of your menstrual cycle to measure your FSH level and should be between 2-10. Also a Day 21 progesterone test done on Day 21, as it suggests, to check whether you have ovulated or not, and should be more than 30. From what you have said, the “high” result is telling you that you have ovulated, so hopefully, your hormones may be OK. You need to get it clarified with your GP as mid cycle blood for FSH will be high. Keeping my fingers crossed about these results, but at least you have a referral which is good to know. Kind regards Diane.

  • Hi, sorry got that round the wrong way, so confused with it all, had 2 bloods done on day 5 and it came back high fsh although I don't know the levels. When they said my only option was donor egg felt so down, trying to get my head round the whole thing. Do u know if I have other options. Thank you for replying

  • Hi Patientpolly. I’m not surprised you got confused – hormones can be a nightmare! You will need to get the FSH checked again, probably by the consultant now. It could be that you are peri menopausal and your FSH is fluctuating. This can sometimes happen for several months. The consultant would keep an eye on this happening, and if it were to come down to more normal levels, nip in with a cycle of IVF. However, if this is what is happening, it will only last for a while and then will carry on creeping up. Let’s just wait and see, it may not be all doom and gloom at the moment, and of course you need time to get your head around it all. Keep an eye on your appointment coming through, and if it seems ages then speak to his/her secretary and suggest that you would be willing to accept a cancellation if possible. Kind regards Diane.

  • Thank you for your advice it is very much appreciated.

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