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Questions for IVF consultation?

Hello girls,

I have a consultation this Thurs and I think they might determine there whether I qualify for funding. My partner had to go away for work so I am going by myself and that's adding to the stress because I'm really disorganized and forgetful and my partner is the total opposite.

I have endometriosis and will ask questions around that and also about ways to improve egg quality (if that's even possible!). I'm also going to check whether there is access to counselling. I am just wondering if I am missing something and wondering if there's anything you recommend?

Thanks xxx

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Dear Bledie. I have listed a few questions I can think of off the top of my head, so hope it helps, and hope all goes well with your appointment Kind regards Diane.

•What are the benefits of the treatment you've recommended and why do

•you think it's the best option for me?

•How many patients at your clinic have had this treatment in the last two

•How does my age affect the choice of fertility treatment?

•What other options are available to me if this treatment doesn't work?

•What drugs will I have to take, and what are the usual side effects they

•might have?

•What freezing facilities do you have and what is the cost of storage of embryos/sperm and for how long?

•Do you do egg collection at the weekend?

•Will we see the same doctor/ team members throughout the treatment?

•Might DHEA (a type of steroid) help my embryo quality?

•Would using low dose soluble aspirin and /or heparin be beneficial in my case?

•What about treatment to boost my immune system?

•Could you tell me more about the assessment process you will need to carry out before giving me the go-ahead for treatment (this is sometimes known as the “welfare of the child” assessment)?


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