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Bitting your tongue

I nearly outed myself on facebook as an infertile. Very few friends know of our problems, and I'm fine with that I would like to be defined as more than just the medical condition we are suffereing.

And it is tough at the moment as a lot of friends have little babies, or are pregnant, and I try to make nice comments where I can, and if it is too much, I ignore it.

But one friend, nearly got a sarky comment from me. Her status update being 'Jet Lag and Pregnancy not a good combo'. Nothing overly offensive, but as she has just come back from a fortnight's hols in miami, I just found this moaning so self indulgent, how I would like to have, actually, either of those things. So I nearly commented, 'both self inflicted, so no sympathy!', but refrained as really, that isn't going to help anyone in the long term is it.

I also have to be grateful that I haven't been through the heartbreak she has of loosing both parents at a young age.

So I'm glad I didn't post anything nasty, and I know that at the moment, some status updates are going to hurt. I also wonder how sensitive I will be on FB when we get our happy ending?

FG x


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