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Late 20's going into IVF-ICSI

Late 20's going into IVF-ICSI

We are in our late 20's and been together for over 10 years, because or our earlier life commitments contraceptive was used .

For the last 3 years none. we wondered if there a was a problem and our doctors referred us to the fertility unit. We are both healthy fit and motivated, I personally though it may have been my wife because she has had skipped cycles, The biggest shock of my life when I found out it was me.

I feel I'm not normal or man enough, because I have strong line of genes and birth productivity, Its very difficult when you see family and friends easily falling pregnant with there partners, and some friends may even ask when are you too going to have a baby, its really difficult making an excuse, a lie, when deep down inside i wish i could turn around and say yes we want to and yes we can, but i know that's not the case.

Even worse i feel guilty for putting my wife through hell because of me.

The doctors have put us both forward for icsi with a waiting list of 10 months.

How does waiting list compare to everybody else, can sometimes you come quicker up the list or further down the list?

It seems so far away and i never want to wish my life away but i hope it does come round quick.

I want to ask is there anybody out there who has been for icsi? and what there thoughts are on going through icsi?

I have this feeling that my little sperm fighters don't have a chance and the strongest wont be chosen, as to ivf the strongest sperm make it through the egg, maybe im wrong, any thoughts would be appreciated ?

All bloods are fine.

sperm results below.

First Semen Sample 0.2 Million Per ml the lowest they have ever seen apparently.

Second Sample 4.4 Million per ml.

Third Sample 4.5 Million per ml.

Mobility 50% Normal/

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I always feel that if there is some aspects of a person's health that is lacking - particularly fertility in someone in their 20s - then there is a nutritional deficiency.

On page 10 of this magazine: hippocratesinst.org/wp-cont... it talks about a study in young, healthy men who ate two handfuls of walnuts a day. After just 12 weeks there was an improvement in their sperm.

Of course this is only one small part of nutrition, and I would encourage you to look at all aspects - ensuring you're eating a variety of vegetables, limiting/removing alcohol and caffeine, not smoking, making sure you're exercising regularly. All these things can have a huge impact. You can be making all of these improvements while you're on the waiting list.

Take care,



Hi There thank you for this, even though im in good health and at a good weight, I will have a look at other areas of my diet to see if I can improve my sperm.

I was told the quantity is there , but there not enough sperm per ml of semen. I was also told I could increase the semen volume but not necessary the sperm volume per ml. Have you heard of this?

My sample is Normal per ml of semen. Mobility is also Normal, swim up test normal.

Thank you


Hiya, I have just had icsi 1 month ago. Unfortunately it did not work for us as my embryo did not develope after embryo transfer. Your Ivf/icsi team will manually fertilise healthy eggs with best quality healthy sperm. They can see good quality sperm when they analyse them under microscope. When we had our icsi we were refered June/july last year, had first appointment with consultant Oct/nov last year and started treatment at end of February this year, due to me having problems after egg collection we had to have frozen embryo transfer so our treatment lasted 3 months instead of the usual 1-2 months. Good luck with your cycle and keep us posted :-)


Thank you for the reply, im so sorry to hear that your ivf-icsi did not work, we had a patient meeting where one couple had 4 failed attempts and the 5th the icsi worked, this was proof never to give up.

Do you have to wait long for the next transfer ?

Did they transfer one embryo or more ?

Have they advised to transferred more next time?




There are some common male supplements that you may feel a bit better taking, or brazil nuts are supposed to be the thing. My DH felt better for taking these as we went through ICSI, in a similar way that you will prepare as a couple by cutting alcohol etc in the run up. Remember that sperm take a few months to develop so you need to keep healthy for a little while in advance.

Because of where I live, there was no NHS centre to receive treatment, so even when we were NHS funded we went to a private clinic, which meant no waiting times for us - I know we were very lucky. I actually couldn't cope with the 3-year wait the NHS wanted to make us wait for the first funded round of treatment, so we actually self-funded our first, and then had NHS funding for the second treatment.

From what you as a couple go through, there is no difference as to whether it is IVF or ICSI protocol, the only difference is what goes on in a lab. It is actually better to make use of ICSI if there is a concern as there is far greater chance of getting fertilisation than not using it. The staff in the lab pick the healthiest sperm for you. My first time, we had 100% fertilisation.

The one thing to be aware of if you do end up self funding is that ICSI costs about £1,000 more than IVF treatment, so something to factor in.

So you're aware, I had two embryos transferred when there were two healthy embryos available. But, you need to take the advice of your clinic as to what is best for you, as multiple pregnancy is a big health risk factor for mum and babies.

Good luck


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