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Premature menopause at 40 - Egg donor IVF

Hi, would really appreciate any information and help regarding my situation.

After having tests done by the consultant at my hospital my FSH showed that I am in either premature menopause or primary ovarian failure so our only chance of having a baby will be IVF with egg donation.

My consultant (Thurrock hospital) then told me I would be referred to St Barts and offered 1 course of IVF, so I telephoned St Barts to find out about waiting times for appointments and egg donation. I was then told that they offered no egg donation and I would have to find my own. I'm so frustrated, I could've been sitting here waiting for an appointment that would be pointless as I don't have an egg donor lined up.

My main question is, can I ask my consultant to refer me to any fertility clinic in UK that has a donor program for all NHS fertility treatment? I really don't know what to do now, feeling really down as I felt like I had direction. Thanks.

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Hi ndaist. All cycles of IVF etc are allocated to the nearest IVF clinic/hospital in your area. However, if the treatment you require is not available at that place, then it might be that it can be bought in from elsewhere. You will need to discuss this further with your consultant and see where you would need to go. It will be the nearest available place, as unfortunately you can’t choose where you go unless going privately. Remember though, that there is quite a waiting list for egg donation on the NHS. Kind regards Diane


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