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Hi folks I'm just about to start treatment in a few days for IVF with donor egg . I start my injections in a few days and I'm very nervous and yet excited at the same time . I'm already thinking and wondering how I'm going to feel when injecting the Burselin as they say you can have menopausal symptoms . I'm also terrified of the egg transfer day but trying to not think too far ahead . 

Has anyone had IVF with donor egg , and if so can anyone offer me any advice ? 

I'd be interested to hear anyone's story .... 😋😋😋😋😋

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  • Good luck!!  I haven't used a donor egg but I am just getting to the end of my treatment, OTD is tomorrow.  I found the whole cycle much easier than I imagined.  Only had very mild symptoms on buserelin.  The egg transfer day is so easy.  The clinic described it as being like a smear but I actually felt nothing at all.  Fingers crossed for you.

  • Thanks Billy B . I think it is just the unknown  which is making me nervous .... I appreciate the advice and wish you good luck on your journey too xxx

  • I haven't used DE but have done an IVF cycle and it's really not bad at all, I just felt abit tired and transfer was done in 10mins. Just take one day at a time as it can be emotionally up and down. Good luck 🍀

  • Thanks button 123 ...... I really appreciate the advice xxx

  • We used donor eggs for our 3rd round of ICSI, sadly it ended in a BFN and we had nothing to freeze. Hopefully it'll work for you, it has for other ladies, guess we were in the 60% it doesn't work for. 

    Having been through 2 rounds using my eggs I felt more detached from the process and we weren't given many details about the donor's progress which I found hard. We got 6 eggs, to be honest I was disappointed when we were told only 3 were mature and suitable for fertilisation. Amazingly 2 fertilised and were transferred a couple of months later as my womb lining didn't cooperate. After fertilisation the embryos felt like there were ours. 

    I had very few side effects from the medication and using donor eggs you don't have to go through the egg maturation and collection stage so it is easier on your body. 

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for your reply and try not to give up hope pm 27 . A friend of mine had 9 goes and got there eventually .... It's so hard and I'm only at the beginning . I also wish you the best xxx

  • We've ceased treatment, 3 goes was really hard I can't imagine 9 goes. Great news for your friend! I can't face any more treatment and we've had to self fund, I feel we've done everything we could and still no success so time to draw a line under it and get on with life. It'll always be a source of hurt and lots of "What if's".

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • Thank you and sorry to hear you've been through it . Yes it was hard for my friend and she was so close to giving up and yes it's so expensive too !!! I totally understand your reasons though and   Can't imagine the emotional side of it all .... Thanks for your kind words . 

    You should treat yourself to a nice holiday or something and have some you time xxx 

  • Hey 

    I have just had done egg transfer in Greece.  We were lucky to get a positive now currently 6w and 4days.  The whole process was simple and straight forward unfortunately nothing to freeze wasn't really disappointed as it was always going to be out last go.

    Lucky for us it worked, I will always be curious about what our donor looked like as we were not allowed to see or meet her but for what she has given us even though we are still early and I am still paranoid it has been the furthest point we have ever got to on this journey with 4 failed private cycles behind us.

    I didn't take buserlin started off in the pill, then a shot injection of Prostrap then Prognoyva and folic acid had transfer and now on clexane, Prognoyva, folic acid cyclogest.  Transfer was smooth 2ww wasn't as bad as the wait for the scan which we had at 6 weeks and saw all the right things as in sac, yolk sac fetal pole and God is good a heartbeat.  Nervously waiting now for my 7.5 week scan 🙈

    Eat well, laugh loads, walk at least 30 mins a day and rest when you can xx

    Good luck xxx

  • Awwwwwwwww congrats Tam tam your message has given me such hope !!!! I know with our donor I only know her hair colour , height and eye colour , I'm also curious !!!!  Congrats on your pregnancy , that's great news and I wish you the best for the future xxx

  • I am on the other side and have donated eggs with my first cycle and intend to with my second too. The Buserelin made me really bloated last time and headachey and hormonal but I think that's normal. From the health side of things, they have to put donors through a very strict testing for blood and things before they can be offered to you so don't worry about that part. 

    I suppose the only thing you have to worry about is the general idea of it? It's a very scary time but no matter whose egg it the little baby you'll hopefully get out of this will be yours. You'll grow it and give birth to it and raise it. Obviously there will be some reservations but I wish you all the best and good luck with your cycle xxx

  • You amaze me and it's thanks to the people who donate there eggs who can give people like me a chance . My heart goes out to you, and thanks for replying to me xxx

  • leah345, wish you positive cycling. I have no direct experiences with de but I am considering to start ivf, although my DP hesitates. You could check out lots of materials (also videos) that give you great info on de and the process itself on eggdonationfriends

  • Thanks so much xxx

  • I'm about to start my next lot of treatment using donor eggs and sperm.  On my previous tries I took Burselin and was fine with it, I didn't notice many symptoms although I was rather emotional.

    I've read that a baby using donor eggs can look like their mum as some DNA is passed over, I found that to be encouraging and feel much better about it now.

    Wishing you luck and let us know how you get on x

  • Thanks Distinction . All the messages on here have been so encouraging . Good luck to you also xxx

  • No, but I have decided to have donor eggs. I could do without the problems. I'm interested in surrogacy too. Sorry I'm new to this forum. But good luck.

  • Hi leah345. We used donor eggs back in June last year and I am so pleased we decided to as I am now sat here feeding my 11 week old baby girl. It was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make. Good luck with your journey hope you get everything you wish for xx

  • Hey Leah, really hope you're getting on OK with this IVF round. I just wondered how long the whole process took to get matched with a donor? I hear it can take about 3 months. Also, whether u (or any other lovely ladies out there) know whether u could use donor eggs through a NHS funded IVF cycle?

    We have been lucky and have 3 NHS rounds - two of which have failed which is probably down to my egg quality. I have been thinking recently about using an egg donor instead but need to persuade the hubby xx

  • Hi yes you can use donor eggs on NHS, at our clinic you have to find your own donor but I think at some NHS clinics they do it for you. I am on my 2nd round using my eggs, if this fails then going to go private (as only get 2 NHS rounds) and using donor eggs xx

  • Thanks for replying, that's really handy to know. I saw my consultant a couple of weeks ago who gave me the go-ahead for round 3 but then said if that failed I might want to consider donor eggs. At the time I didn't think to ask if we could use a donor egg for round 3 but haven't been able to stop thinking about it since then.

    Did your other half take some convincing or is he completely on board to use a donor egg? My hubby isn't sure and think he's going to need a lot of convincing.

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on whether I should use my own eggs for this last round - I'm so scared about doing this last round as the other two failed, such a lot of pressure.

    How are u getting on with your second round? Which stage are u up too? Hope you're feeling ok xx

  • I would say I have got my head round it better than him, but then I think that goes with the whole IVF journey that woman understand it better than the men.

    I have low amh and my egg quality isn't great, so just figure it will improve our chances, and its just a slightly different way of getting there. I looked on you tube and there's some great video's of families that have used DE and how they felt, the impact on the child, the future defo worth watching.

    I am currently on my 2ww of 2nd cycle and praying and hoping it works. I am a planner and having been there before when its negative I just like to have plan B in sight it helps me cope (if that makes sense)

    We also said at the start we would try 2 goes with my eggs so we didn't look back and regret not trying but for us that's enough to move on and try a different route (not for everyone I know)

    Maybe try having a counseling session at your clinic as I have heard this can really help xxx

  • Ooh I'll have a look at those you tube videos, thanks - might help convince the hubby. I think he thinks that it won't be a part of me if we use a donor egg but I'm all up for using one, if that's our only chance then I think we should go for it.

    I have stage 4 endo which I didn't know I had until we started trying, just thought my painful periods were just that plus I'd been on the pill for 10 years which had masked a lot of it so we knew that IVF was really our only chance.

    Oh wishing u huge luck, fingers crossed it works for u. That 2ww is a killer - I found the first week a breeze, but that second week is so tough, practically spent the whole week checking my knickers - too much info I know! xx

  • Ha ha defo on knicker watch at the mo 😂😂

  • Hi I've unfortunately had a set back !!! I was a week into my injections and the clinic did my final blood screening . They discovered only just now that I am not vaccinated against rubella !!! Grrrrrrrr ! Another step back ( very odd as I had the vaccination when I was younger

    I then went to my GP to get the vaccine which I've been told takes 1 month to take effect !!!

    As I was on an egg share with someone else I've stopped the treatment as everyone else was ready to go .

    The clinic have found me a new donor ready to go again next month !!!!

    It's been a bit rubbish but hope I can get going again in June !!

    It didn't take the clinic long at all to match me with a donor ( literally a couple of weeks and with the hiccup just 1 week )

    Yes you should also be entitled to NHS or CCG funding .

    I hope this helps and wish you the best xxx

  • Oh god what a nightmare, considering how stressful this journey is, this additional blip isn't what u want at all.

    I don't think my hospital even checked for that.

    Wow that wasn't long to get matched with a donor, I heard it could sometimes take longer than that.

    How does the whole process work? What injections do u need to take? I kinda thought I wouldn't need to do the stimming stage if I'm not using my own eggs? xx

  • I think they rematched me so quick because of the blip with my vaccination . You just inject the Burselin until donor is ready . Anything between 2-3 weeks , also depending on down reg scan and how the donor is also responding You then take a drug called progynova which is in tablet form which increases in dosage as you prepare for ET . Also pessaries .

    I can't advise on anything how you feel etc , as only did the week of Burselin . As soon as I go again I can let you know . Xxx

  • Hi, girls! Hope you're ok and feel better every other day with your treatments. I just dropped in to say we're dealing with DE IVF as well. After months of considerations we decided to go overseas - to Ukraine. We've booked the program of 5 shots there. (In case we get failure 5 times in a row they'll refund all our money paid.) I'm 35 yo, luteal phase defect, poor egg quality. DH is ok. We've also been naughty with donor requirements, but thankfully the donor matching program was completed pretty fast.

    Wish you all the best of luck with your journeys, lovelies. May God take care of all us Xx

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