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Not coping to well

Ok well since finding our that I can't conceive a child without help I was told I needed to lose 5 stone to have ivf on the NHS. I thought that this would give me all the motivation I needed. I was wrong a kit if things has got in the way arguments with my husband a issues that happened which I do not have the heart to talk about. How difficult am I finding this right now very. If one more family member says oh how's the weight lose going or when u going to start a family I might just break down and scream.

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Struggling with weight issues can be pretty tough. We were also advised to loose weight before being allowed any treatment, so we changed things, one at a time.

Have you thought about noting down your goals and breaking them down into more manageable bits?

Have you looked into joining any groups, weight loss or fitness types, as this can give the extra boost needed.


Hiya babyhopes dealing with infertility is a difficult thing for all of us. As tazza said you could consider joining groups for you weight loss and dealing with issues one at a time. As I work for nhs I am able to refer myself to staff well-being which I did do in 2008 and found them excellent even though they didn't understand about Ivf issues they still listened and helped me deal with other issues at same time. You can get access to a similar service through your gp it really does help.


If I were you, I'd ask people to stop asking and explain that I was finding it all too much (I know, I've been there!) and that when I'm ready to share any news I will. It all feels like more pressure when you're questioning yourself all the time too. Do you have the time to lose the weight before the NHS deadline? I've found Terri Ann 123 plan is great, just google it and it costs next to nothing. I hope you've been given enough warning to lose the weight as I was only given this information very late in my treatment and so am now at loggerheads with the hospital :-(. Really hope you get there, good luck x


Hello I Was told I had to get my bmi down to under 30 so ment loosing over 4stone I struggled so in the end I joined LighterLife it was expensive but I lost nearly 5stone in 6 mths and went on to have my treatment has two rounds of ivf and second time lucky it worked x The diet was not easy but was easier being given what to eat than choosing x


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