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Flying during first trimester?

I'm in a bit if a panic as I am contemplating flying on a weeks holiday 3rd July to Turkey. I'm not pregnant (yet) however in my 2ww after my first IVF cycle. My DH and I booked it on a whim several weeks ago when feeling really low, we thought it would be a old 'pick me up'. I am just really worried that IF we fall pregnant and decide to go ahead with the holiday that I'm at greater risk of miscarriage? Am I being selfish going? Obviously there is a financial aspect to this as we would lose a lot of money, but I want to confident that I will be okay as long as I make sensible choices re: food, drink etc.

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Hello PFM

I've been wondering the same thing. Hopefully having egg donation in mid August and may have to fly early Sept.

I think I'll ask the clinic their opinion, why don't you? Then you know you'll be doing everything right and it will put your mind at ease, you don't want that niggling worry.



Hi. It is always a worry to know what to do for the best when flying after treatment, or early on in pregnancy. Obviously you are best guided by what your clinic recommends. However, I do speak with couples that go to the USA for treatment and travel back to the UK on the same, or next day after embryo transfer. Most have gone on to achieve their pregnancy, some don’t. Couples who go to Spain etc for donor treatment fly back very soon afterwards, unless they incorporate their treatment in a holiday. Most couples that conceive naturally do not know that they are pregnant for a month at least – loads of those are regular “fliers” too. I am sorry if I have confused you further, but if you do decide to fly and the treatment does not work this time, then you should not “beat yourself” up about the fact that you flew, as there are so many factors to consider. Hope this helps and my best wishes go with you for a happy holiday and success. Kind regards Diane


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