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Can antibiotics effect a fibro scan

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Have a scan this week and have an ear ache. I had heard a fibro scan can be effected by antibiotics. S o I am holding off on going to Dr.

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I don't have any research to point you to so just my opinion. If your body is fighting an infection that will affect the liver and infections are dangerous for people with compromised systems. I would make sure the antibiotic being prescribed was not listed as having liver toxicities but wouldn't delay taking it if my doc thought I needed to. With ordinary doses I wouldn't expect an appropriate antibiotic to affect liver stiffness very much.

Does anyone on here have better information?

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Pita123 in reply to nash2

I don't but I want to say thank you for being here! You are appreciated!

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I would just let dr know what you are taking , if problem, he can make changes or decide to wait but otherwise I would let him know and proceed.!!!

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