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Cholestrol going up with weight loss

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I started intermittent fasting and keto diet some weeks back and i am able to drop some kg but on having a lipid profile, i observed my TC, LDH and HDL ve gone higher.

I am so discouraged, please could u give a reason why this is so and what i am not doing right.


TC was 263.8mg/dl

and now 301.6mg/dl

LDL was 207.44mg/dl

now 229mg/dl

HDL was 48.2mg/dl

now 54.14mg/dl

Non HDL was 247.5mg/dl

now 215.6mg/dl

S Tri 1.10

Wat could i be doing wrongly pls!

Thank you

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It is common for cholesterol to go up when you try KETO as a lot of aspects of your lipid metabolism respond to diet. If you have medical issues it is important to work with your doctor or a nutritionist who is knowledgeable about KETO as it relates to your kind of medical problem. We can't give medical advice, but one thing to think about with KETO is that you are asking your liver to do something that it hadn't been doing a lot of with your earlier diet. KETO forces your liver to make a lot of ketones to supply the brain. Whether that works for you is not something I can know but if your liver is damaged it is worth talking with a physician about whether that might be a risk for you.

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Luji in reply to nash2

Thank you!

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Arian2 in reply to Luji

It's all about what you eat . You must stop keto I think it's not working for you and do low carb but nash diet . Must consult your physician before doing any diet.Must lower the cholestrol with change of food .cholestrol I'd dangerous for fatty liver so be aware.

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Luji in reply to Arian2

Thank you

My Dr. said absolutely no KETO, he said that diet is not good for your liver. Just use a basic diet. The basic 4 foods. You need them all. Good luck.

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Luji in reply to Alterity

Thanx. Could u share the basic four foods pls?

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Alterity in reply to Luji

Meat ( but with liver disease you stay away from red meats, just fish and chicken is suggested. Fruits and Veg. group. Dairy, and last sparingly breads. On KETO you get to much protein from my understanding.

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Luji in reply to Alterity

I didn't do strict keto though, I had lot of carrot juice, celery mildly, cucumber, Kale, brocolli, lettuce, beets cabbage, grape fruit, 4 eggs per week, fish, olive oil and a bit of chicken. That has been menu for 6 weeks. I will try to adjust it to suit the 4 basic foods

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Arian2 in reply to Luji

Dont drink juices . Take little amounts of whole fruits . Consult your doctor. NO white rice or flours no sugar .low carb only

I was told thatt is normal when your losing weight for those numbers to rise, because as your fat stores release fat there's more of it in your bloodstream for a time.

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Intermittent wasn’t for me and my recent Fibroscan results validates it my mind. After a few days of trying IF, I got a burning feeling in the abdomen area like a hunger pain. Then other issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high TSh....issues I had never had. I thought it was Sphinter of ODDI Dysfunction. I developed allergies to Synthroid and would have a runny nose anytime I consumed food....Chinese medicine states that’s a sign of a congestive liver.

I kept telling the Drs something was wrong. One doctor did advise not to lose Weight too fast....I was losing an average of 2.6 lbs a week. I lost 20% of my body weight within 13 weeks.

Therefore I caution the Use of IF for NASH.

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Luji in reply to LeiL

Thanx for this, i hope you are better now

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LeiL in reply to Luji

Just had the Fibroscan test this morning and don’t like the results.

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