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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Fatty liver

Hello everyone, just looking for some advice . I went for a ultrasound and my drs rang me and said everything was fine , nothing was found (i did not have a ultrasound for liver problems ) but when I went to see him , he looked at the results of the ultrasound and in capital letter said fatty liver ... he said oh don't worry about that and carried on about what I went there for!! Should I be worried??? Thank you so much for any advice given 😄

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Hey Rachel, there a multiple symptoms to having fatty liver problems. Including significant weight gain and depression, as well as a lot more. Thehealthylifecom.wordpress.com is a website that shows the symptoms of fatty livers and possible solutions


Thank you so much , will have a look


Hi Rachel

Fatty is one of those things that it isn't a problem until it is. One thing to be aware of is that an ultrasound can't detect fatty liver until the liver is at least 30 percent fat. It becomes a problem when inflammation starts and the liver begins to scar. That is called NASH and most docs do a poor job of recognizing that risk. If you want to learn more visit our website. fattyliverfoundation.org/li...


Thank you so much nash2 for you advice 30% sound alot to not worry about as my drs said ... I will check that website


He is right to say that fat is not a problem. That is until it isn't. When you have symptoms he can treat you. We advocate for not needing treatment by not making the liver sick in the first place


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