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Fibroscan results

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My fibroscan result showed 19 kilopascals and i was being tested for ive been told that reading shows i have liver cirrhosis i feel sick to the stomach i have stopped drinking and been loseing weight but the damage has been im going to die a horrible death.i dont know if i want to tell my family ofr friends.i just thought i had reversible nafld.

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Don't worry. It's not a an automatic diagnosis of cirrhosis. My kpa was 16 and I have reason to believe that number is very inflated

yes ive heard fibroscan can be wrong if you have a big belly and mine is huge,take care and best of luck with your health.

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My scan was 21 at diagnosis. Now it is 9. Diet and exercise can be effective. Lots of info from my experience here

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were you diagnosed with nash or cirrhosis.hope your well and best of luck with your health,

Neither. They said mine could be nothing or F2orF3 on fibrosis scale. I was 350lbs at the time of scan and have lost over 100 lbs since. Liver specialist doubts cirrhosis, thinks definite fatty liver with possible Nash. . Awaiting results. We'll see.

Ok thank you and take care

You too, my friend.

Please stay on your diet. I have liver cirrhosis due to hepatitis c and had double pneumonia that was septic. I’m cured of the Hep c and my liver is getting better. Now can drink wine and my blood levels are stable. You’ve got this!!

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Im pleased your health is better thought drinking was bad for your liver though.

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Drinking is bad for the liver. Doctor told me I can now have an occasional glass of wine, not liquor.

That's crazy similar. I drink a lot and have hep c. I cleared it but it's returned. I had pneumonia complicated with sepsis. I was in hospital for a month and lived to get wheel chaired home. I just had a fibro scan of 18.6 us that bad? The doctor didn't even say...

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It's a high reading I was told it's usually a number that shows permanent damage then I was told my weight could put reading up it's all very strange I've lot 50 lbs and been off alcohol since I had it so I hope I have improved my liver hope your well my friend

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I weigh 63 kilos soaking wet? It's sounding like the doctor could have been more forth coming

This is the first time I've scanned the internet about this info. I'm starting to worry that this is quite high reading. Why hasn't my doctor spelled out to me the seriousness??

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I was worried myself my friend but only liver biopsy is conclusive my doctor told me not to worry if they thought I had chirohis they would have told him but my reading was indicative of it he said fibroscans can be inconsistent but push and see because I was 150 kilo and u are lean speak to your doctor and tell him your really stressed

I will. I have a follow at the hospital and they said they would take bloods . Obviously for a more conclusive diagnosis. Thanks for your view.

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No problem take care and best of luck

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