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Fatty Liver

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Hi everyone. I'm new here and have been reading many of your posts.

Over the last few years I have had a series of unexplained ailments which I have been running numerous tests for. During an ultrasound for what I was concerned was a kidney issue (collapsed with body seizing pain in upper/middle right side of back), I was found to have a Fatty Liver. The ultrasound technician had even asked me if I was "gassy" as she could not get a clear image of my kidney for all the gas buildup in my abdomen.

My doctor seemed very complacent and simply told me to watch my diet. I am not overweight, I exercise three to four times a week, I do not drink alcohol at all, and yet I have this. And due to the years of feeling unwell (including chronic migraines) I have now developed a very severe health anxiety, which greatly affects my life and time with my daughters.

I have never had abdominal pain, though I do feel the bloating and swollen belly that was referred to in the ultrasound, I experience unexplained nausea, pale stool, extreme fatigue, and though I'm not sure if it related.... I began waking up with a bloodshot left eye for the past three days! I am worried and honestly afraid that I am further along in my liver damage than my doctor seems to be telling me. And as far as causes, the only thing I can conceive is that it may have been caused due to some migraine medication (antidepressants) that I was taking... but have since stopped.

Has anyone else had similar symptoms that could help me understand at what phase I may be in. I desperately want to reverse this, but I do not know what changes to make, as I currently do all of the recommended fixes... though I have made very strict dietary changes to everything that helps my liver (grapefruit, leafy veggies, green tea, broccoli, low carb, etc). I am trying to stay positive, but I am quite literally in the dark on this.

Has anyone had success reversing it with these symptoms? Please let me know. Thank you very much!

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Challenges like that are scary. A lot of people here can relate. We aren't doctors so can't help you much with a real diagnosis. However, based on what you said it might be a good idea to get a referral to a hepatologist to determine whether you are suffering from a liver problem. GP's and even many Gastro docs do poorly when it comes to diagnosing liver disease

Hi JSB3, i just made my 1st post here on my recovery journey from fatty liver - healthunlocked.com/fatty-li.... feel free to share your thought

Hi there! I do hope you can get to the bottom of this! I agree with nash2. I spent months agonizing over the 'potential' and 'could be' scenarios. Just go to a hepatologist and request a fribroscan, regardless of if they are assuring you you seem fine. Be your own advocate. The whole thing takes 3 minutes, and you'll have your answer right away. Save yourself the sleepless nights and endless googling!

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