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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Fatty Liver Protocol

I was diagnosed with fatty liver by my gastroenterologist. He suggested dietary changes but offered no treatment. My Nurse Practitioner, however, offered me intravenous glutathione, which was helping my liver values go down. She has now been able to get another IV med from overseas that is even better and has shown to reverse fatty liver. I am at the beginning of a several-week protocol, which I am very optimistic about.

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Can't speculate about what you are doing but it seems like you should be consulting a hepatologist.


I completely trust my NP. She is very knowledgeable and has done more to address and reverse my chronic illnesses than any doctor ever has. She used the same thing on her own Mother and completely reversed her fatty liver. I’ll ssk her the name of it when I go Tuesday.


It’s called phosphatidyl choline. The protocol is two infusions per week for 15 weeks. They also give me B12 after each infusion.


Hi Abrooks phosphatidyl choline is a vital part of our cells and I see it is being studied but it is not a subject I have any real information about. A lot of it is extracted from egg yolks and soybeans and it is a type of lecithin so it is important bio-chemically. A research oriented hepatologist could probably help you understand it.



There is no easy way to reverse this except for changing your diet. Very little to no carbohydrates. I also did a liver flush which pretty much Took My pain away. But you have to learn to live without sugar and carbohydrates. You can have them occasionally but not every day. The less you have, the less you will want/crave them. Good luck to you.


It is also important to limit saturated fats and replace them with unsaturated fats and and the best source is olive oil here is a link that explains why fattyliverfoundation.org/ol...

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Thank you so much! She also has me working with a nutritionist. This looks like great information.


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