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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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How Dangerous is a Fatty Liver?

Was Dx with fatty liver a year ago. My Dr. said if I don't cut out all sugar and simple carbs, exercise daily and lose 30-40 lbs; that I wouldn't see 60 (I'm 54 now). I started exercising but I haven't made the other changes yet. Is that true that I will die in the next 6 years or less. I'm legal guardian for my 18 year old who has autism and I hate the thought of dying before 85.

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I was diagnosed in June along with early fibrosis of liver and type 2 diabetes. Lost 2 and half stone on LCHF diet in 12 weeks. Liver results now normal. Cholesterol normal. Blood glucose coming down. Dietican said liver has better chance of healing itself as you lose weight

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