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Fatty Liver...Help Me!

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My mom just called and told me that her Doctor told her she has a fatty liver and they need to do more test/blood work. I'm worried. Can a fatty liver be reversed? My mom is not a huge woman. She's probably a size 20, if smaller. What can be done in this situation.


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Yes, a fatty liver can be reversed. I looked on YouTube and there are number of presentations about fatty liver. The person has to change their diet and not eat sugars and carbs. It's important to eat protein and vegetables. It can take three years to regenerate the liver.

Thank. You so much, I appreciate it!!!

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I agree with hawaiitoni. Mine reversed in 6 months. No white food. Fruit veggies meat. Biggest is no alcohol. Alcohol is poison to your liver.

Reading this blog reinforced that for me. Drink alcohol and your liver has to spend its time getting the booze. Or beer out of your system instead of doing all. It’s other jobs. My liver Disease was not caused by alcohol but no matter alcohol is bad for your liver. Don’t go Back to dr. for a year. Best wishes Turning this around for your Mom.

I am new to HL & I have the same issue as Hootyow155 mother has! I am currently on my new "Lifestyle" which includes changing my diet & taking Spin classes & losing weight along with strength training this process was been a process! I am happy to have found this group

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I'm trying to lose weight as well, what are you doing to lose?

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Hi! I am eating Chicken, Shrimp, Turkey & as much protein I can get, along with Vegetables & fruit, 8 months ago when I was diagnosed I cut out breads, pasta & all deserts no carbs. I do Spin class 3 to 4 days a week I have lost 11 pounds & this has been a very slow process for the past 7 months! I tried Weight Watchers that was not for me & now I am trying my new "Lifestyle" And trying to find out what type of diet I need to be on with NAFLD. If you know where a copy of the diet is let me know.

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Sounds like you are doing well. No alcohol either.

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I lost 8 lbs in 9 days when diagnosed with fatty liver. Told me to lose weight. But I'm not feeling well. Lost too much I think too fast. Trying to eat a little more now & more gradual loss.

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Losing weight fast makes the liver worst . Lose not more then 2lb per week

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So true. I screwed up myself.

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Great to have you here!


I have to point out (forum and logical rules) that nobody can give any real medical advice, simply personal experience.

Please don't panic at this diagnosis. It says that there is more than average fat in the liver and not a diagnosis of anything worse.

Follow this link and you will find publications from the British Liver Trust which will answer most of your questions.


Rita x

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Thanks that is really helpful info!

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Thank you very much for the information! There is a lot of info there I will definitely review!

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You're more than welcome

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Good advice Rita :)

Thanks, I haven’t been diagnosed yet but totally freaked that my ALT was 50😕

LOTS And do it now. Your job is to learn all you can and you evidently are doing that. Your Mom needs to see a gastoenterologist that specializes in livers. After the testing he will know what to do. MANY PEOPLE HAVE THIS AND MOST CAN BE HELPED BY DIET CHANGE....and of course stop ALL alcohol. The Dr will help you too. Your seem to be a special daughter..your Mom is lucky to have you. GOOD LUCK!

Hey, you mum needs to watch her diet, do a bit of resesech about fatty liver & diets :) It can be reversed if caught early! The Drs will take care of her now they know :) Try not to worry to much! I know how hard that is! try to make sure she looks after herself! & look after you as well:)

Same here....Same situation....try not to worry.....more test to go

There is evidence that obesity (BMI>30) is clearly linked to fatty liver. That said, a number of people who are not particularly heavy can also develop fatty liver - just much harder to tell/diagnose. Ideal is a Fibroscan report to show exactly high much fat content is in the liver. Another tool is FLI (fatty liver index) which combines four separate metrics as a means of predicting steatosis (liver fat composition).

New product for fatty liver and discussion of this condition can be found at Hepaxa-USA.com. Hope this is helpful.

Go to get a second opinion, my previous gastroenterologist, said l needed to be on a waiting list for transplant and had to be on certain medications the rest of my life. Second opinion gave me hope and a dietitian can really help

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