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Intermittent Fasting can help manage Metabolic disease.

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Good morning everyone,

This article in Science daily claims that IF can help to manage Metabolic disease and basically the main point is that those who want to lose weight should not only concentrate on what they eat but when, which makes perfect sense to me so here’s the article please see:

I think that we are all aware of being mindful of what we eat and how often coupled with adequate exercise being a magic combination so this is another piece of the jigsaw to help those lose weight and keep the weight off.

So I hope that members find the article encouraging as you know the advantages of fasting.

3 Replies
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Subtle_badger16Kg IF 72hrs

Ah! I just listened to an interview with Dr Panda (memorable name 🐼). He discovered TRE. Very worthwhile listening to

in reply to Subtle_badger

Hey thanks for this Subtle_badger we can always rely on you for a positive input regards fasting. 👍

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sandybrown in reply to Subtle_badger

There is a Doctor from USA have given many video clips in Tamil Language on.

"Dr. Palaniappan Manickam (Dr. Pal) , Physician in California. ... 100th video I Special message I Arjun Manickam #onebellyatatime #shorts · Dr Pal. Dr Pal."

Lately , I spend my time watching video clips made by Doctors from India in Tamil language.

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