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Movicol over the counter


Hi ya

I was wondering to start my little one on Movicol as the day and night she’s wetting again....

can you buy it over the counter?

Many thanks

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It’s prescription only unfortunately. If you’re reluctant to go to a GP why not call and ask for a for a telephone chat - they might be happy to prescribe over the phone.

Hi, you can buy adult sachets over the counter which are the same ingredients but double the measurement. I just phoned my GP and they prescribed it to my little girl over the phone. (They gave us laxido, a different brand though).

Could I just ask you- for her wetting, do you do a full disimpaction? Or do you just give enough Movicol just to soften things and get things moving? We started disimpacting due to wetting but I feel like she was dryer on a lower dose. Up to 8 sachets at the mo and I think the shear amount of liquid is making her wet again. She’s nearly 4. Thanks

Ok thank you.... I have only just tried it yesterday so going see how it goes Xx

Hope it improves things for you! Let me know how you get on as it sounds like we’re going though the same thing. X

Yes deffo it’s such hard work and worrying.... she starts big school September xx

Same. I feel like it’s just been years of dealing with wee. The disimpaction sounds scary but my little girls has handled it very well. There’s lots of bowel movements involved and they are obviously looser but she always makes it to the loo. Initially saw an improvement with the wet accidents but still some good days and some bad. I’m considering reducing back down now as I’m probably going to send her back to preschool if they are deffo open again on the 1st June. Luckily I’ve got all her info in a letter from her paed to show to the school. Really hope they have some extra support in place!

Yea she was very loose yesterday and didn’t quite make it on time... she can go weeks with no wetting and then all sudden bang she’s like it for weeks again xx

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