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Movicol Help!!

My 6 year old has had constipation from the age of 1! We have had ups and downs over the years but we've had a really good 18months. He has been on 1 Movicol sachet every other day. Recently he has been going to the toilet less and less. He has been passing Stools but they have been small blobs. Now the Soiling has returned really wet and sticky while he is at school too! What should I do for the best?? Increase movicol or full on disimpactation?? I am lost !! X

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Movicol has softened my daughters poo to the point where she has no clue. I would er on the side of caution & clear out? Her bowel is ok size but full & backed up with soft poo. Consultant has prescribed Senna, but to start only, in half term.



Yeah my son's stools are really soft and have been while he has taken the Movicol. It's the working out what type of soiling it is that's does my head in! Doesn't help that we are 4 weeks away from half term. The poor kid shouldnt have to deal with the soiling while at school. Feel so bad for him. I've upped his dose this afternoon. He did have now had what I would say normal bowel movement before bed. See what tomorrow brings. Stay at home day for us tomorrow.


So feel for you all. My daughter has had this for six years. Did a disimpaction just before Christmas which worked brilliantly. All good for a couple of weeks but now it's all gone pear shaped again!! The worst thing ,apart from the soiling, is that she has had urine infections on and off since last July. Now the antibiotics are having no effect . They have referred her to a paediatrician, heaven knows when that will happen but I'm really concerned about her long term health. I would definitely do a disimpaction though. Good luck. X


Hiya. My son is 11 & has suffered from chronic constipation since he was 4/5 which we treat with 6-8 movicol per day & 7.5ml dulcolax varying the dose depending on his level of constipation. I’ve also recently got them to prescribe senna so we’re going to try adding this in as a low dose to see if that helps. He has been given peristeen (bowel washout system) but refuses to use it- which is understandable, if frustrating because I feel it could make a real difference to him.

My experience is that true overflow tends to be more liquid & grainy, that’s when we know he’s got a big blockage and needs a disimpaction- it is such an upheaval on his life and I’m so keen for it not to impact on school as I feel this could increase the behavioural element of his problem.

Have you watched the youtube video by the nurses on movicol? I’ll try to find the link, I found it really helpful.

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Have you contacted your school nurse or paedriatrician? When this has happened to us, we had to do a 'clear out' by doing a big increase in morvicol until pooing watery stools then slowly decrease over 2-4 days. But would get professional advice first and it would mean days off school too :(


Hi. Panic over for now. Think i had just completely lost my mind that day!! I just increased his movicol so I gave him 2 a day. He is really sensitive to movicol so it doesn't take long to get going. By the next day he had finally passed what was backing up. Back onto maintenance now. I Spoke to the GP and educated him rather than him giving me any sort of help or advice. I have spoken to the school nurse. She also didn't tell me anything that I don't already know. They wont refer him to a specialist unless he was severely impacted and in serious need. Other wise we would be refered to a clinic which would only give me advice on maintaining his bowel. Which again doesnt help as we have lived through 5 years of maintenance. It's frustrating because I don't want advice on how to maintain. I just wish there was an answer as to exactly why this happens and how to cure it. I suppose i will have to just wait for that famous day when he "grows out of it"!! 😕


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