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Psychotherapist wanted


Can anyone recommend a child psychotherapist or advise us on how to find one? The NHS have been very good at treating the physiological side of our 6-year-old daughter’s incontinence, but we feel that it might be worth trying to also treat the psychological side. What’s been happening over the past 18 months or so is that we keep her bowels moving for extended periods of time (e.g. 3 months) using Movicol and then as soon as we start reducing the maintenance dose and our daughter begins to regain control, she withholds and we go back to square one (i.e. constipation). It seems to be a combination of habit, FOMO and fear/dislike of toilets. Does anyone know of a child psychologist who could help or how to find one?

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Hiyah - I’m reading this with interest as I too believe that it’s the psychological side that playing a massive part with our son - he’s 6 and it’s almost that he has a fear of sitting on the toilet - he just won’t!!! So I feel your pain.....I hope you get some pointers x

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Our son has a toilet fear. See my reply below x

Hi my consultnat referred us to psychiatrist but my insurance would t cover as they said it seemed behavioural. So I search for a cheaper pshycologist and we went yesterday and it has helped but we are only day one but the concept she has given I think will work. All I did was google pscylogists in area and then emailed some with the issue and asked if they had worked with similar cases and she had so I have paid (£150) for assessment and if he needs further sessions I can book one in a few weeks. This one was in farnham. And if u want more info on her let me know.

We were in the exact same position. We contacted our local children’s centre who managed to secure some funding and they have been going into school and doing some wishes and feelings work with our son. Within a month we could see a massive difference! She managed to build up the trust with him and has been in contact with us so we can try different approaches around his fears of the toilet. The difference in him since October is unbelievable after weekly visits. Along with regular medication he is well on the way to recovery. I would never have thought about this but a friend recommended it and we haven’t looked back. Good luck xx

We had success with Oxfordshire nhs children’s psychological services. I think most nhs trusts have this but their remit doesn’t always extend to bowel problems, but worth a google or enquiry emails. We may have been lucky as we saw a trainee student clinical psychologist, but she was very good. Much like the above answer, weekly sessions for a while definitely helped, nothing complicated or mind bending, but gentle play sessions and then a few new approaches to incentivise progress. Most likely you will need to find someone privately in which case ask people locally for recommendations or use internet and make enquiries to find someone you trust with experience of this issue. Good luck x

My son is 14 and still suffers with his bowels. His currently under great ormand Street he also has a rare skin condition that’s the main reason for gosh. He sees a physiologist there it helps him in his own little way he enjoys it and talks quite openly to his doctor. His also having kinesiology. He will be having a 3rd session on Wednesday. I’m going say wow because kinesiology has helped him considerably. his not cured as he has slow transit constipation. His having dairy free diet

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