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11 year old wet the bed at sleepover

Hi, I'm really unsure what to do my son is 11 going to secondary school this year, two days ago he went to sleep at his friend's house where they top and tailed, that night he wet the bed again, he does this 2 or 3 times a week on average, when his friends found out they all stopped speaking to him and started saying stuff in school like 'levi bakers a baby' or 'levi pee pants' and I don't know what to do? We have tried everything but he just can't seem to stay dry all week, I'm thinking of maybe drynites to see if the shock will help, any thoughts?

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our 11 year old son still isn't dry at night so he wears drynites to bed every night he also wore them on his school residential trip a few weeks ago our 8 year old is also in drynites for bed time hope your son is dry soon




Katie, sorry to hear about your struggles. However shaming your child with Drynites/Diapers is never a good idea. With friends knowing and embarrassing him that is very developmentally damaging already.

No kid wants to wake up wet, waking up in soaked sheets and pajamas is never fun. Pull ups are a resource that can help manage the issue and should never be used to threaten or punish a child.

Have you been to a doctor, or a pediatrician. Your child is unfortunately at an age where wetting is less frequent. However he could wake up next week and be dry for eternity.

Just remember this is a physical developmental process of the body. We all develope at different rates.

Stay hopeful!!!!


Katie, if he's not wetting every night, start a log with him to see if there's any pattern with food, drink, bedtime and so forth that the differences correlate with the nights he is wetting. Do NOT try to "shock" him by threatening him with wearing protection. It absolutely sends the wrong message. Ask him in a supportive way if any of the wetting is just laziness, or any other reasons why that he knows that it's happening. Perhaps some involvement with the school in terms of the problems there. I think here is an opportunity to teach these kids that he can't help what's happening and their bad comments hurt him. Get him involved in this. It's important for him to start getting in control of managing the issues with his bedwetting. If for nothing else, his self esteem.


how are things going now


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