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Disimpaction working!!!!!!!

So we had a bit of a break through today!! After multiple failed disimpactions, this time we’ve changed medicine, added daily enemas and suppositories we finally had a big lot come out today!!! While yes I’m over the moon about this and even my 5 year old son was happy for the first time in I don’t even know how long, I’m nervous! We had an x-ray we know how blocked up he is and we know what we need to do to fix it, it’s just a matter of time and persistence. Once the major blockage is cleared though we enter a whole new phase which we haven’t been in for years! Getting him to use the toilet when he needs to! He’s very stubborn like his mum and seems to have lost all hope of ever being normal. I actually wonder if he may believe this is normal and he doesn’t want to try. He fights when we tell him to go to the toilet, he fights when he has to wipe his own bum, he won’t tell us when he’s had an accident. I’m worried we’ll end up right back again! 😟☹️😭

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Hi,,that’s fantastic news that your son has had a poo!! I’m really pleased for you all!

My son is also very stubborn and when he is going through a bad phase of withholding he will never tell us he has soiled and will sit in it for ages quite happily. During the recent impaction he refused to use the toilet and we had to put him back into pull up nappies for over a week.

I worried if he would get back to going on the toilet as he refused to go anywhere near the bathroom.

I think with my son he associated the toilet with having a painful poo and this is what put him off using it. So we had a potty on hand as well and once he got used to doing a non painful poo in his nappy he then moved onto the potty. Then after a few days he made the decision himself to use the toilet. I didn’t pressure him as with him I find pushing him into something results in him resisting me even more!

I too was worried that we were going to have problems with him going back on the toilet and this would cause problems at school but at the moment he’s doing ok and is still using the toilet.

Perhaps try leaving a potty somewhere for him to use? He may decide to try using it?

I know all children are different and what works for one may not work for another though xx


Sounds similar to my son in that we’ve had to put him in pull-ups but not just during disimpaction but for the last few months as he soils himself multiple times a day and I couldn’t possibly keep up with washing 5 pairs of pants and jocks everyday not to mention the embarrassment to him when it’s leaked through his pants. He does go to the toilet really well at the moment when we tell him but he’ll NEVER take himself! He actually said to me the other day “why do i need to stop pooing in my pants?” I’m really hoping that once he starts school he’ll just want to do it like everyone else. I think he’s just given up fighting it and accepted it’s just the way it is for him.


Oh bless him. You’re right maybe it is just the norm for him at the moment.

It may change when he goes to school.

The summer holidays were really stressful for us, my son was soiling a lot also wetting as well and didn’t seem bothered about it. It’s stressful having to carry clean clothes everywhere and worrying if other mums will notice or other children will notice when you’re out on play dates and stuff.

Also as you say the constant washing or throwing underwear away is exhausting.

He did seem to improve once he was back at school though.

Hopefully when your son goes to school it might improve for him too? As you say he will probably want to be like all the other children. I’m sure the school will help if it’s still a problem though.

Our school was very helpful and prompted my son to go to the bathroom at certain times through the day and that really helped. I think at one point they had a sticker chart for him and he got a sticker whenever he told them he needed to go to the toilet. Maybe that’s something you could try at home? Xx


Yes we try rewarding him when he goes on his own but doesn’t happen often enough for it to sink in. He starts school in 2 weeks and gets another x-ray today so I think we’ll just focus on cleaning him out and hope it just all comes together I guess. Thanks so much for your advice!!


That is brillant news. I'm so happy for you all. It is a long road you go two steps forwards and three steps back. But keep going.

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We’ve done multiple disimpactions for my 6 and a half year old son. Same sort of behaviour. We’ve also used suppositories and enemas.

Have a read here, I found it useful though I think the condition is much more complex in some kids and keeping the poo moving day after day is not easy at all


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Thankyou so much! That is brilliant!!! Probably increased my worry a bit though. hearing 50% of patients relapsed doesn’t boost my confidence much lol but it’s so well written and explained I feel I have a good understanding of what needs to be done. Just a matter of time, persistence and diligence I reckon.


Fantastic news ! Can i ask where you live? we are in UK and never been offered an enema thonibreally think it would help my son as he never seems to get fully cleared out !


Hi sasmcl. I’m in Australia. Just ask but maybe make it a bit more of a request rather than a question. Sometimes you have to push for what you need.


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