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Impacted bowel, been on medicine on and off over 8 years


My 10 year old is super fed up. Being treated again for faecal impaction. Fed up with taking medicine and feeling rubbish, sore throat, headaches, feeling sick, irritable, people taking the mick at school, rushing to the loo in pain and sitting there for 30 mins with no outcome, watery overflow, accidents, missing school and swimming, looking pale and drained. I would like to try a natural remedy or a boost of sorts but I've not found anything yet that works yet.... She refuses to eat milk and yoghurt and has done for years I've tried alternatives but she doesn't like them, she has a little cheese, I'm concerned she is missing some essential nutrients........? The condition is holding her back and she is so bright and at such an Important time at school too......

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Bless her heart. My nine year old has been suffering for six years ,although doesn't sound as bad as your daughter. She eats and drinks well but over the last year suffered a lot of UTIs caused by the soiling. One thing we have given her ,which might help your daughter is something called Pro-Ven , it's one tablet a day and contains friendly bacteria( the reason we bought it) and multi vitamins. You can get them in Holland and Barratt. I don't know if you they really do any good but our daughter has been better. Thinking of you and hope things improve for her x

Thank you that sounds like something we can try. X

Have you tried the homeopathic route for something more natural? My mom always believed in this while I was growing up.

And I agree with the above, I give my daughter some probiotic vitamins from Holland and Barrett now as she doesn’t have a lot of milk etc. And also there’s a liquid vitamin and iron formula called floradix which is amazing and will help perk her up (I use this one myself). X

Its good to hear you both suggest the same thing. Gives you hope it will help. I’ve not tried any homeopathic yet I will research it, thank you.

I'm so sorry to hear your daughter is struggling it is not pleasant for any child.

I don't know if this helps. We have just start using a general probiotic with vitamin D. Don't know if it is any good as yet but was recommended to us. It's called Red Berry Biomelts by biocare.

We have also started going to a chiropractor again early days but it maybe something to consider.

It is funny I would never of considered any alternatives but we don't seem to be getting any further with constantly using laxitatives.

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