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Something to put in his pants?

So my nearly 5 year old still poos his pants. He started school yesterday and did poos both days. Today he also did one in the queue whilst waiting to go in. I then had to rush and clean him up for registration. Does anyone know what I can put in his pants, eg like a liner so I can just throw that out. He's having pooey pants in his school bag all day. Also the teacher was nice about it but I think they are going to get fed up soon. Meant to be under the school nurse but haven't heard anything yet. Just super stressed about it

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I feel your pain, we are the same.

You can buy liners designed for 'soiled pants'. I cant think what they are called now, but will be with the pull ups etc. They do literally look like a panty liner. Unfortunately my son kicks off when they are in his pants, saying it hurts, which I am sure they don't.


'Dry like me' pads. On Amazon and I think some supermarkets. Not cheap but save a bit of cleaning.



We use these pads called 'dry like me' from amazon

They have saved lots of pairs of pants and clothes for us. Gives you a bit more confidence that they won't have poo running down their leg.

Put the wider end in the back if it's poo you're catching.

I feel your pain....


We also use "dry like me" pads - must have spent an absolute fortune on them as not cheap at approx £3 a packet. We have tried using adult panty liners & sanitary towels but my 5 year old found them too uncomfortable. I'm surprised there aren't more products available.


We use dry like me but also Tena "lites" from poundland when we ran out of dry like me - worked fine!


My son is now 12 and we used to use dry like me pads but he always complained about them hurting, he said they were "sharp"!

We now use Tena men level 1 for him, these met be a bit bulky for a 5 year old but I know they do a Tena men lite which is thinner and may be worth looking for (Boots and some supermarkets , also the online continence websites ). Good luck.


We have been using the dry like me pads - they are selling them in Morrisons now. They sometimes have them on offer so we stock up when they do. They suit my 3yo well and she never complains about them. Although not perfect they do catch most (poo... we've not used front ways for wee) Saves a lot of clear up and full clothes changes.


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