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Increased laxido & lactose but no change yet

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Visited GP on Wednesday as 5 year old daughter is having soiling issues again.

GP has increased laxido to 3-4 sachets and added 5ml lactose twice a day.

She is still soiling, but has passed some poo in the loo (very small amounts, quite soft)

Any advice on how long it usually takes for the increased dose to help clear the blockage?

She was sent home from school on Wednesday because of the amount of soiling. I don’t want her missing loads of school due to it. (She uses panty liners to help with changing after soiling)

I really want to help her as she’s getting distressed and us uncomfortable from all the cleaning up.

10 Replies
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It sounds like she needs a disimpaction whereby you increase the amount of laxido(we use movicol) everyday by a couple of sachets, presume it will say in the instructions in the box, until it's liquid before going to a maintenance dose. Have you watched the poo nurses video,that's very helpful. Good luck

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Sarah2208 in reply to SallyandPaul

Thanks for replying.

The GP said about disimpaction but not about increasing the dose above the 3 - 4 per day (plus lactulose). We’ve to take her back in 4 weeks. There’s no sign of improvement since Increasing the dose, we’ve been making a conscious effort to increase fluid intake too.

Can the dose be increased with GP guidance, is there info on max number of sachets for child age.

I just feel like I’m at my wits end with it all and daughter is in discomfort.

GP did discuss referral but when she callled me on Friday said to see how dose works & to go back if 4 weeks.

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Frustratedmum1 in reply to Sarah2208

There is a maximum dose for a child's age. If they are 5 they can go up to 12 sachets of paediatric movicol. Usually you will only be looking at this rate on discompaction programmes. But hopefully they discompact at a lower dose.

A good place to start is the ERIC helpline they seem to know what they are talking about.

If you are not getting alot of movement personaly I would look to increase the dosage. I would leave it three to four days on that dose and if no movement perhaps ring your Gp. 4 weeks is along time if they are blocked. Personally if it effects them going to school I feel you may get them unblocked and hopefully things at school may improve. I know this is easier said than done from experience.

Hope this may help

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Sarah2208 in reply to Frustratedmum1

Thank you for replying. I’ll

Try the Eric helpline x

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SallyandPaul in reply to Sarah2208

Frustrated mum gives really good advice I'm sure you could up the dose, we've found that eight was enough but don't go above the twelve and certainly ring Eric xx

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Frustratedmum1 in reply to SallyandPaul

Thank you.

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Sarah2208 in reply to Frustratedmum1

Thank you all. Your replies are appreciated & it's good to know we're not alone.

We've made a bit of progress today. We've had loo sitting sessions with no arguments/whinging/crying. She's done some small poos in the loo which we haven't had in a while.

Thanks again x

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I’d really recommend phoning the ERIC helpline. It sounds like the soiling you’re getting is overflow, so you need to get the blockage out of the way. We did a disimpaction with our 3-year old after speaking with the ERIC helpline and it was nowhere near as bad as I thought (the GP had only told us to figure out the dose ourselves, but like you, increasing it didn’t do much). I thought there would be poo everywhere, all the time, but it was no worse than we had been dealing with, and probably a bit better. ERIC also stressed the importance of a routine, and sitting on the toilet half an hour after a meal for 5 minutes, as that’s when your body feels the urge to go. It was all really successful and we did have a good few weeks with barely any accidents (we’re having them again now, but I think its because we got a bit complacent - and have a headstrong child!), so I’d really recommend it. Nursery supported is with it, and were happy to change her, but it might be easier to keep her home from school. I think it took about 6 or 7 days for us. Good luck.

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Sarah2208 in reply to AANN1977

Thank you for replying.

It’s the first time school have sent her home and they have been good so far.

We have been complacent with toilet time too, asking her to sit on the loo when she looks like she needs it but not at set times.

We’ll restart set times.

We’re on day 5 so hopefully things will be moving soon. X

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Frustratedmum1 in reply to Sarah2208

We have found sitting our son on the toilet 20-30 mins after meals for 10 mins has really helped. It can be a battle when trying to put this routine in place but persist and small steps.

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