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3 years and 8 months old and using pants as nappies

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I am on the 4th attempt of potty training for daughter, who this time asked to wear big girl pants and refused to let us put a nappy on. So we went for it. And we are going through exactly the same as what we did for 8 weeks before we stopped it in mid December. Going through about 5 or 6 pairs of pants and trousers on average, 8 pairs on a bad day. It has been 3 weeks and not much progress. When she doesn't have any pants on she takes herself to the potty and knows when she needs a poo or wee. She has so far done two poos on the potty this weekend and we have rewarded her with some toys that she has been given as we put them in a cupboard for rewards. Today I thought I would risk putting pants on her as she needs to wear pants for pre school in the week. They won't have her running around with nothing on. BUT, she did a poo 30 mins later in her pants. We did discuss her taking herself to the potty nut she didn't bother.

She starts school this September and I am worried it's going to be like this when she goes.

Any idea how to stop her doing all her wees and poos in her pants?

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Difficult one really. Think I'd be tempted to keep her in Pullups and just say when she takes herself to the toilet whilst wearing those she can have knickers on as she obviously feels the sensation.

Thank you, she will just treat pull ups like nappies and do it all in those. She doesn't take herself to the toilet when wearing pants or nappies :(

The only thing you can do then is leave her in nappies maybe for another three months. Good luck

I don't have time to put her back in nappies, it's been 3 months since this post and still having problems. I think it is a behaviour problem. She starts school in September so Ha ce to do it now.

Someone on here said they tried using the old fashioned nappies that feel wet when you wee or poo in them. But if it were me I would probably wait until this summer and spend the 6 week holiday having days with part pants and part no pants and take her pants shopping to buy some really special pants to wear in the part of the day she’s most likely to be able to keep them dry. It sounds like it could be a sensory issue so best to be patient and give her a bit longer and hopefully by the summer she will be ready. If she isn’t don’t worry she will get there. On here are loads of parents of kids who struggled with toilet training and were very late (myself included)

This sounds like a sensory issue and interoception. She appears to be more likely to feel the urge to poop. Working on body awareness and sensory issues with a professional could help.

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