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Daughters friend noticed she soils herself 😢


Help! Today my daughter had a friend round to play. My daughters friend told me that another friend has told her that she saw my daugter had poo on her knickels and skirt. I am devastated! I try so hard to make sure no one notices any accidents. When I asked her how this made her feel that her friends are starting to notice that see soils herself she didn't seem bothered. I get the same answer everytimeach I ask anything ' I don't' know'. My daughter does not go to school with these girls, which I am glad about, but also worried about school friends finding out and this information getting in the wrong hands. She starts in year 3 in September. I feel so scared for her. I am aware of some bullying in her class and I am petrified this will make her an easy target.

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I have the same worries, although my daughter is only going into year 1. Have you and her read the Eric book a girl like me? You may find it useful. No other advice other than I feel your pain and good luck. x

My daughter uses a thin sanitary towel which helps

Hi, my daughter likes to wear cycling shorts under her skirt in the summer to feel safe and a panty pad. Then in winter tights x x

She does sometime wear a panty liner but doesn't like to, I will maybe try and in courage her to do so more. I just want this to end now. I get different information from her all the time I am never sure when she is telling me the truth. She says she knows she needs to go but doesn't want to and then says she has no feeling that's she needs to go. It's so frustrating!

Hi... When a child is constipated, liquid poo comes out without the kid having any idea of the accident. It is not her fault... It is not under her control... Have you had an ultrasound of the abdomen? My son used to poo every day, but as he had an abdominal x ray the result was severe impaction.. And he leaked pee as well as poo, until he was 6...now he is 7 and things are slightly better. But check out for constipation!

I feel a loss with doctors. I was told she would be referred, when I chased this is was almost laughed at by doctor and told that isn't something she would be refurred for and told basically to get on with it.

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That is rubbish, go back to them. I work for a GP and also have a son with chronic constipation who is under 2 different paediatricians (a general paediatrician and a paediatric gastroenterologist) and a clinical psychologist. So you absolutely can and should be referred for something like this. GPs see so many things they can’t be experts on the subject.

Hi, no advice really I’m afraid but just wanted to say you are not alone. My daughter is going into year 6 in Sept and this is a fear I’ve had for years. Some of her friends know about her problem anyway and she has chosen to tell them which worries me as who knows who else they’ll tell if they have a falling out! Unfortunately you can’t control everything. Just try to mitigate the risk as best you can. My daughter wears tights in winter and cycling shorts in summer to try to keep any accidents in. In year 2/3 you’ll probably find the kids who know don’t think too much about it at that age.

Best wishes to you both x

Thank you. It's nice to hear I'm not alone in this as sometimes it's feels like I am.

It’s such a hard situation and I feel your pain. I’m sure your daughter is bothered but uses denial as a protection mechanism. I have been devastated all night after finding out today that a girl in my daughters class said to another girl can you smell G.....( taking about my daughter) then the two girls laughed. My daughter sits right across from them and heard them, I think she was meant too. She said that she hadn’t had an accident but obv they have picked up on her issues. My daughter felt sad and embarrassed. I felt sick as this has been my fear for years. I don’t know how to deal with the situation.

Your poor daughter. I was the same and could not sleep, all kind of things was running through my head. Kids can be so hurtful, I wouldn't know how to deal with that either. The girl that commented on my daughters accident Came round to play yesterday (she lives on our street) I didn't really want her in our house but my daughter still seems happy to play with her. She seems to look up to her with her been a few years older. Let's just say I don't think I'm as forgiving 😦

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