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Disimpaction NOT working!!!


So 8movalcol a day still isn't working because little one is still managing to withhold... even with pico sulphate, continents team have now advised to give up on movacol reducing it to 4 a day & give up to 10ml pico sulphate to try & flush out the poo- that's been in there for 2/3 weeks... what next? It was all about the movacol for so long & now they say reduce it!!! So frustrated. My 3 & half year old tummy is huge & she soils herself every night... keep things normal they say !!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!

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My son is 5. When they couldn't move the blockage with movicol. They admitted him and gave him 20ml of sodium picolate and 20ml of senna. This seemed to work for him but he really suffered with stomach cramps. He had been blocked for some time and it was welded to his colon. Once we done this for 5 days then they introduced him back to movicol. Hope this may be of some help.

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