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Hi, new here, my 3yr old has been on movacol for years, she has never passed a solid stool & recently has started to with hold to extreme levels so specialist dr has prescribed suppositories along with movacol. I’ve been told they don’t hurt the child & work brilliantly... all great stuff I thought... I have tried umpteen times to insert this thing but daughter goes ballistic & really makes it impossible, partner tried to hold her & still I couldn’t do it for her bucking & kicking... it’s awful to keep trying & we have tried everything to reason with her but she just wont have any of it. Dr has said she’ll do it but I have to hold little one down- I don’t really see this as the answer as I will have to try to do it following day later etc.

Has anyone else been through this? I can’t get her to go at all now, her bowel is full & blocked, if she does sit on potty all she manages is a brown pea sized liquid amount. It truely is breaking me. She’s In a lot of pain throughout the day too. Called dr today, left message but didn’t get a call back 😭

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So sorry to hear this. If she’s withholding then I would say avoid anything like a suppository that causes distress it will only make her association with the toilet and poo worse and withhold more. Have you used Movicol for Disimpaction? If it’s a small

Amount of liquid that indicates overflow and as you say she is blocked with hard poo.

This video explains how to do it...

Just from my own experience with daughter, it will Make The problem worse if you are holding her down against her will as withholding is such a psychological thing. In desperate moments we have tried to hold our daughter on the toilet and I’ve always regretted it afterwards, everyone is distressed and it never works :(

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Thank you for the message. Dr has called & said need to up pico sulphate & movicol as now no other Options. In this day & age how is there no other options. X

I was reading this thinking i had wrote it, this is literally my 3 year old! She has been on movicol for years, hasnt had a solid movment, we were given supossitories saying they would help. We got 1 into her and she went not long after but the second time it didnt work and after that she would scream and cry mummy, daddy please stop when we would try to hold her down. It was so heart breaking we couldnt do it again. The only time she has pooed im the past year has been in her sleep. I dont have an answer for you but i just wanted to let you know that we are the exact same :( from being on movicol all the time and not pooing she is so blocked that her wee bum leaks constantly. we are so lost and have no idea what to do

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Thank for your message. Good in a way that others r going through it.

we had a very positive experience of suppositories , & in fact that was the only thing that made a difference & finally helped my 6 year old regain a functioning bowel as she hadn't had a solid bowel movement since coming out of nappies.We only had to use them for a few months & quite quickly she started doing "proper" poos & achieved full continence by age 8 without needing any other medication. the difference between a 3 & a 6 year old is of course their was still a horrible experience for all involved & did involve us "holding her down" initially until she got used to it ...but we had the option of bribing her with ice-cream & tbh by age 6 we were so desperate to improve things we persisted & i'm glad we did. however whether we could have gone thro' that with a 3 year old I don't know. it sounds like she needs a full disimpaction first as suppositories are more for when the lowest part of the bowel/rectum is full rather than the whole bowel (which we think was the problem with our daughter rather than classic constipation & was why movicol never worked for her) so def go back to the gp. sending hugs, its horrible isn't it.Try googling massage for constipation & also google the relexology points on the feet for the bowel...something that is helpful but also nice to have some positive,relaxing contact with your child.

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Thanks for the message. I will look into reflexology, often do the massage. & also disimpactation comes around every now & then as she just goes back to with holding once we manage to clear her.

I’m curious what maintenance dose she is on following a week of disimpaction with movicol? I know how strong the holding behaviour pattern is but I’m wondering if you did a full disimpaction for 7-10 days and then followed up with a maintenance dose of 4 sachets daily and possibly some Senna and daily sitting routine and increased fluids, you may be able to avoid enemas. We used them for a while but they didn’t work for long coz my sons blockages were very high up. It’s so tricky once they are properly blocked up. I’m not a fan of giving enemas kids don’t want to have but I remember the dreadful feeling of when my son was totally blocked and being at my wits end about what to do (in our case it ended up being A&E)

Bless you. Hope you get her sorted quickly xxxx

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Back into disimpactation again, only by 2days. Usually when she does clear movacol gets reduced to to 2-4 sachets a day. I know so many who have tweeted it to work for theirs little one but I don't feel we've ever really reached that stage & also when we do reduce her movements go more like grit than anything else, then holding starts again & we're back in the beginning again....

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Yes I totally understand and relate, especially the gritty poo and holding. The last dis impaction we did couple weeks ago lasted 10-14 days including 5 days of 12 sachets, then down to 4 sachets daily with loads more fluids than before. I think when I’ve done disimpaction before I haven’t stayed on the 12 for long enough. Obvs you should only do disimpaction on the say so of a doctor and get them to agree to you extending the 12 sachets for longer than usual. My son is also drinking 3 times more than he was (under supervision) he used to pour the movicol away as well so that didn’t help!!!!!

Wow thanks for that I really appreciate it

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