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Exercises for retained spinal galant reflex

Has anyone come across this before?

Our son has dyspraxia and I am wondering if some of these exercise for retained reflexes (things we usually let go of through childhood) might help with bladder problems. Not done much research but have heard other people say that NHS Occ. Therapists have mentioned these, so I'm guessing there are a genuine 'thing'.

There is a private company in Chester that can assess and recommend exercises, but it is £££ so am looking at possibility of finding exercises online and having a go ourselves.

Will report back if they help with day/night incontinence!

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Hi - I haven’t heard of this particular reflex but I did read around the benefits of chiropractors for wetting and then took my daughter to see one for an initial assessment after I read about someone on here who had success for it. The chiropractor I saw had previously had success treating nighttime wetting but not treated for day time. She talked a lot about the nerves and messages between the bladder and the brain and how a slight spinal misalignment can interfere with these messages. She assessed my daughter and found misalignments in the ‘zone’ for bladder problems but I just couldn’t quite bring myself to take the treatment forward ... basically nervousness about someone manipulating a four year old’s back when not NHS or a ‘proper doctor’ - sorry to all chiropractors out there!

I know this doesn’t really answer your question but it just felt a bit related!!

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We have seen a physio and a OT for poor muscle tone - also have day and night wetting. They didn’t know but thought could be a link so gave us general core muscle exercises to do. They decided a weak core could mean weak muscles inside like the bladder. We are still doing those.

We then had mri head and spine and saw a neurologist- couldn’t find a link to incontinence but at no point were other type of interventions mentioned and we begged for help. I would grab anything to help with both hands but I am weary - we are now under a urologist- waiting ....good luck !


Hi there, yes this has been said to me about my 7 year old who still wets the bed and has some daytime accidents. We were told to get him to lie on his tummy and to roll a ball, stroke our hand or with a paintbrush down each each side of his back, starting at the kidney area down to half way down his buttocks. This needs to be done everyday


Thanks 2822. Can I ask who told you about retained reflexes and suggested the exercises - was it someone in NHS or private?

We have a continence clinic appt. soon so was going to ask about possible referral route.

The private centre in Chester was set up by Sally Goddard- Blythe who has written a lot about this. Not got any of her books yet but they are on my wish list.

How long are you to do exercise for each day and how long overall (I mean how many months before you may see an impact/how do you know the reflex has been 'let go'?)


Check out the B.I.R.D charity website based in Cheater.

We are on their program.still soils but has helped with other issues, sleep, concentration and writing. We do daily exercises.

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