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Hi everyone,

My 10 year old daughter has eurinosis and has been taken desmopressin for the last 3 years, recently she has been prescribed Oxybutynin to try which were a small blue tablet, however on collecting her latest prescription the tablets are now white! Does anyone know if they are the same? I asked the doctor but they insisted they were the same as always. I tried looking on line however the amount of information is incredibly overwhelming. Any advice/info greatly appreciated!

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Hello Ellie,

Oxybutinin does come in both blue and white tablets. Here in NZ we were prescribed the blue. If you do a search on the Internet for Oxybutinin description UK you will get a full description of the identifying features but I would also recommend checking with your pharmacist as they may be able to tell you why it has changed for you daughter.

Kind regards

The Laundrymaid x

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Thank you so much, it was incredibly overwhelming all the information that pops up when you look online so this was very much appreciated x


It’s just a different brand. The drug content is the same but the bulking agents used will be different, including colour. We found my daughter suddenly started having accidents again when the brand changed so I now insist on staying on the same brand (which really annoys the pharmacist!). It may have been totally unrelated and our continence team had never heard of anyone else having this experience so don’t let that worry you.

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Thank you so much! We keep a diary of her wet and dry nights so it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference for us too x


I'd be really interested to know if it does - we've never managed to get back on track, even back on the old brand and with a subsequent dose increase. The pharmacist thinks it's all in my imagination that the brand could have any impact. Fingers crossed you don't notice any difference. x


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