Constipation/continence issues in Wales

Hello, my daughter was prem, she took a day to do her first poo. She was OK for a bit, then developed colic, she had cranal massages which helped. As a toddler she began to get chronic constipation and eczema, she has been given senna, morvicol/laxido, sodium picosulfate, lactulose, fybrogel. I have also tried homeopathy, osteopathy (helps a bit) and yoga(also helps a bit).

She is now 6 yrs old. She has a drawer at school with wipes, bags, spare clothing in, she sorts herself out majority of the time as they couldn't give her any staff to help.

She generally comes home wearing soiled undies and has changed 3 times at school.

She doesn't drink enough, and won't. She drinks her laxido mixture(2sachets +water) with warm milk (only thing she will drink it in). We finally got a referal to an nurse who specialises in contience issues last year when I told the school nurse ( who covers many schools in the area and is over an hour away and part time). We have seen her twice. We have been told to keep her bowels moving well, doing regular clear outs, with the hope that her bowel will recover from being stretched and she will regain control. Things don't seem to be getting any better. I hate her being on laxido every day. Shes growing, which is good but it means supermarket nappies are getting tight. She gets through 3 a night. Sorry for the long message! Has anyone had a similar experience in Wales and got help? Anyone got their child off Laxido? What happens when supermarket nappies stop fitting- what do I buy?

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Meant to say' told school nurse she wet herself regularly as well as soiling, otherwise we wouldn't have got the referal.


Hi there unfortunately I’m not in wales or had experience of using laxido but my daughter has been soiling since she was 3 - she is now 6

I’ve recently put a post on my page about how the soiling situation has improved for my daughter with some tactics we’ve used in the house. we are still on the journey to cracking it for good but I found the Eric website and establishing a fun toilet time routine advice really helpful - see link below



Thanks :)


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