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Good nappies/pullups


Hi has anyone got any suggestion on decent plain nappies and pullups for older children, we are using a mixture of both regular nappies and pullups on my 4 year old girl but want a more plain simple design rather than the normal baby design nappies, she is getting a bit concious that she is wearing what she calls a baby nappy like when she was a toddler. I think it will also remove the stigma of being in baby nappies when we go out and they inadvertably show.

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Hi. Your message doesn't say why your DD is wearing a nappy so to say what is more suitable is difficult and where you say regular nappy do you mean disposable or terry ?

In my case my DD wore for soiling during the day more than wee and at night for both wee and poo

Hi sorry soiling and occasional day wetting plus full on night wetting. We use disposables.

No advice but also interested. Son is 10 but small frame, Aldi pull ups leaking at night now (just wee)but guess he's too small for adult sizes.

Has anyone had a pad assessment by continence team and been given something suitable for an older child with continence needs?

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My small framed daughter is 9 and starting to find pull-ups so uncomfortable and we probably have a leak once a week. ALDI's gave her a rash. There's an incontinence support group (for all ages) on Facebook and they suggested: Goodnites (AKA Drynites) when I asked but she does find them a bit bulky still in between her legs.

Would love to see a continence team, still waiting. Good luck x

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My nine year old wears Drynites and we just try and remember to say 'pull up' instead of nappy but we are VERY lucky that she doesn't mind having to wear one just how uncomfortable they are becoming. You can tell her that it's what the big girls are wearing if that helps!?! Good luck x

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We looked at drynites bit the fit was poor. Plus they are so expensive when she needs them day and night.

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