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Multiple bladder issues in the family

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Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone else here has more than one child with bladder issues...? My youngest (5) is wet in the day and at night (on waiting list to see specialist about possible overactive bladder). My eldest (6 1/2) is on desmopressin for nighttime wetting, but is not really responding to it. My husband also had bladder issues as a child (weak valve or something...). To me, there seems to be a link. However, none of the drs I've spoken to seem to think so - they just say that the causes for day and nighttime wetting are different.... But it seems very unfair that the majority of children don't have bladder issues, and I have two who do (albeit slightly different problems).

I've just spoken to the school nurse about it all (I was in Tesco when they called and I nearly burst into tears.... Sigh...). She seems to think there could well be a link - some hormone to do with urine production (?).

I think ultimately the family history probably doesn't make a difference to the treatment which is probably why the drs don't seem bothered. But I feel like it would make quite a significant difference to the way I felt about it and dealt with it all etc... I know it sounds selfish, as it's my children who are going through it really, not me, but I think deep down I do worry that perhaps I've done something hideously wrong as a parent with the toilet training etc for both of them (I have 2 children and they both have issues), so if there was a medical link or reason, it would help...

Is there anyone else out there in the same boat?

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Husband has had issues with bladder and had prescription drugs to help (they didn't). It was only when son has had problems (on going) that I found out he had treatment. Seems fairly likely to me. Lots of things run in families. Please don't blame yourself - its really common for these problems to happen. More than you think. You've just drawn the short straw twice. Its natural to try and find a pattern or cause (I have similar thoughts about son and dyspraxia - you know, was it stress in pregnancy, chemical exposure, things I didn't do when he was a baby...?) Sometimes we just have to accept that these things happen and we don't always know why. Try not to waste too much energy thinking about it, and focus on the practical stuff you can do today xxx

My daughter (5) (daytime wetter) is adopted. She has older birth siblings from her birth family who don't live here. Two of them have had issues. One still very much does and is several years older. I am sure there's a link. People tell me there isn't, but there must be. We have her younger sister too, she is 2 and doesn't have urgency or frequency issues like her sister but is still having quite a few accidents! I think just a bit slow with potty training. I'm hoping she will improve and I will just have one with a problem! I think the younger one probably sees her sister changed lots of times and doesn't see that it matters too much getting it in the potty!

My son (13) and daughter (11) both have issues with being wet at night and both were wet in the day for longer than their peers. My son is mostly dry with medication now but it's been a long journey. Like you I find myself wondering if I did something wrong but I've never seen anything to suggest that is the case. Try not to get stressed by it. You're not alone and the children will get there in the end.

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