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Early morning bed wetting

My daughter is 7 years old, she is currently on 2 x Desomelt every night, she goes to the toilet twice before going to sleep (bedtime is 19:30), however, she has recently started wetting the bed at approx. 5:00am every morning. Does anyone have a words of advice as to why this may be happening. She is drinking plenty during the day and is allowed to go to the toilet freely throughout the school day.

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HI, are you asking why this is happening although she takes medications? Many children that receive medications, such as Minirin, continue to wet. This does not resolve bed wetting. The treatment of choice is using a bed wetting alarm, you can read more here:



I am asking if anyone has any advice, the medication surely should be helping with this otherwise what is the point of it. I am not looking for a miracle cure or any weird and wonderful products, just advice and support from fellow parents whose children are also experiencing this.


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