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2 1/2 year old constipation help!


Hello, Mu daughter has suffered from constipation for over a year now. I think the problem started when she had trouble with a difficult poo that hurt her. She would hold it in for anything up to 9 days. The Gp prescribed movicol initially at a high dose that we then dropped down (think it was 6 per day to begin, then reduce to 2 per day once she'd had a clear out) this seemed to give her tummy ache and when she did eventually go it was so forceful like an explosion! I've been back to the Gp last week And were now trying senna and lactulose which she recommended is a lot softer on her tummy. However I think this is making it worse. She is always wanting to lie down and hold her tummy and moves her bottom I think she is withholding when she's like this. She is also a fussy eater which I know dosent help, I give her prune juice in her milk which she likes. But it's very difficult to get her to eat vegetables and there is only a handful of fruits she likes. I feel like I've tried everything including sitting on the Potty after meal times, I really want to start Potty training but don't want to give her more of a complex about going. Any advise please?

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No don't worry about the potty training for now. Try to get loads of fluid into her. We were told not too much milk and to drink before meals not during or after as this dilutes the gastric process. She can have fruit juice with food. Have a look at a you tube video on disimpaction by a nurse Sandra Hanson. Things have improved for our daughter after four years but she still struggles with accidents. Good luck I so know how you feel xx

Thank you for your reply. Just had a look at this video by Sandra Hanson very helpful thank you. It's reassuring that keeping her on the movicol long term is absolutely fine as I was concerned. Think we'll switch back to the movicol as the senna and lactulose combination still isn't working for her and she gets very irritable and uncomfortable. I will reduce her milk intake and see if this helps, I'll try anything! She does drink plenty of water and loves fruit juice so will just stick to this with food. Xx


Yes you have to train her body by taking her to the loo after meals, even if she says she doesn't have to go. YOu could try making a 'smoothie' in the blender with fruits and juices. Bananas make them nice and thick. And no milk. This will improve intestinal mucus and motility.

Hi, I just wanted to comment about diet. My 3 year old suffers a bit from constipation, so I checked into fibre, you need insoluble fibre. Prune juice doesn't actually have much of it. Popcorn actually is really high in it, as are dates. We dry pop our own popcorn, so its not loaded with salt or sugar, but you can buy fairly plain stuff and get the dried dates from Lidl, they're really soft and taste like toffee to me, also she likes their dried mango. You need to check with dried fruit as lots of them have added sugar?! But her poo is much softer and she goes every other day now.

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