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2 Y/O suddenly soiling pants on maintaining dose Movicol

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My daughter was potty training witholding (she's is prone to constipation anyway) so the GP has placed her on Movicol.

1 sachet a day doesn't fix it, but 2 makes her stools very soft, almost runny. We have had her on 2 per day for 2 weeks and she's able to hold long enough to use the potty.

For the last 3 days, at nursery, she has soiled herself. Some carers have queried how soft her stools are, although those in the know agree she's been fine for 2 weeks at this softness and movicol dosee.

Any ideas what could provoke this change? I don't want to reduce her dose wrongly, but she is upset as she knows she was doing well.

She gets upset when we have to line the car seat or use pull ups because she knows how to use the potty. It's 3 consecutive days.

ArE 2 sachets a day too much?

When we get home she often does a very soft but not liquid, big poo in the potty.

If you have any tips or ideas why it would be appreciated. Ta.

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I found lowering the dose of movicol by the 5ml spoon a good way of getting to optimal dose (although it's quite difficult as some days kids eat better than others, drink more etc)

I used to make up the full sachet and then used to lower by the spoon and go a good few days on that dose before lowering again. I would just put the excess from the spoon down the sink. We ended up on 1 sachet minus 3 spoons! Some children seem to need much more though.

Wishing you all the best, it's great that you have started treating this whilst your daughter is very young I think. We didn't realise the soiling was caused by constipation and withholding until my daughter was nearly 4.

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Thanks! I will definitely try that, it sounds a good idea. Thankfully I have found (so far) that if I make the dose and add it to her morning/evening drink of juice/water she will drink it down out of habit if I put it in a beaker or even bottle (don't tell the dentist!!) - which is also good as they have measures up the side so I should be able to adjust it that way.

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...as in make the dose then pour into the beaker minus 5ml, then cover it up with something tastier!

I am interested in following this. Almost exactly the same is happening to my five year old boy. I've not given him any movicol over the last few days

2 sachets/day 'could' be too much if she is that soft. Would it be possible to try 1.5 sachet/day using a syringe to measure out the water volume for 2 sachets, mixing it and the syringe again to give her 3/4 of it? Is it possible she has become constipated again in recent warm weather and its overflow soiling? Why not speak with an ERIC advisor (or your local continence nurse) to see what they suggest?

Its always been suggested to is that we can alter the dose so maybe play about with that?

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It's unlikely she is constipated (and when she was, she did not overflow). The soiling is peanut-butter thickness, and every evening she does a large stool on the potty which is sloppy but in a 'mound' - like Mr Whippy if you see what I mean!

I think I might cut her dose to one and a half and see how that goes for a few days.

Your description there is very good, that is exactly what my daughter used to 'produce' in the soiling and pooing department when at her worst with soiling and taking movicol.

I think the soiling for us was just poo escaping where she was holding it in. Our consultant thought the same, it was not overflow. It's all quite baffling really x

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Yeah I think she doesn't know what to do with normal/soft poo if you see what I mean. Hard poo, she would strain when she was desperate. Soft poo - she could hold it, she tries, she has an accident. I guess this is where rebuilding potty habuts long term come in!

Hi! Also just a thought u said that she is only soiling on the daycare days? She might be getting distracted by all the fun and end up ignoring the usual signals to go. Would b an idea to talk to the carers and sit her on the toilet after her meal or wotever Bowel routine works at home. Reducing the dose a little sounds good! If it's the poo is too soft the message might not get through to her that she needs to go. A bit of Firmness will help the rectum fill, give her the message to toilet and will not seep out her bottom. You can always refer to the Bristol stool chart. Good luck.

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Yes I wondered about that! She is very good with pee, but I've spoken to her key worker and said she still needs reminding every couple of hours for poo (after meals and snacks). She loves being at nursery and playing so she might be distracted.

I'm going to try 1 1/2 for a few days...

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