Question about girls Drynites pants?

Hi I'm new on here :) Long story short my 10 year old DD has started soiling the bed which is connected to a short term medical condition, she is receiving treatment and we are just waiting on appointments. We have had a little chat and we have decided that she will be best using a nappy at night until we get sorted (saves on washing and it a little more hygienic. We have had a little look around the shops today and she liked the Drynites pants the best as they are for her age group and go all the way up to 15 years, she likes the girly designs on them. My only concern is that these are bed wetting pants and do not mention anything about being able to contain a bowel movement.

Has anyone used Girls Drynites for soiling or can you confirm that they will hold up ok and contain her accidents? :) Thank you in advance Lyn x

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  • I cant comment on them for soiling as only ever used them for wetting. However have a look on the P&S healthcare website, they do soiling pants. I think they call them girls protective pants.

  • Thank you for your comment. I've had a look but I think we are going to give Drynites a go, I'll pick some up tomorrow when we go shopping. Just keeping my fingers crossed that they won't leak with soiling as I've heard that with wetting they can leak. My daughter has suffered from a little nighttime wetting as well so hopefully these bedtime pants will hold up ok and won't leak. We don't really want anything that's not disposable as it will require a lot of washing!! She is also a small 10 year old so adult/teenage products are too big for her. Has anyone else got any experience with Drynites?? Thank you in advance :) x

  • Hi I recently joined to find conversation on what is a difficult topic and saw your post. If you use dry nights or any of the pull up pants it is advisable to have your daughter wear something over them as I found with my DD when she turns over poo can come out round the leg openings which TBH are not really up to containing poo.

    My Dd is 11 and we have soiling and wetting issues. The pants another poster mentioned are what she wears on bad days to school but as she often does it in the night we use an info pad and pants which contain it all quite well.

    Jas x

  • Hi Jaz,

    Thank you so very much for your reply. :) We have been using Drynites recently and have not had to many problems with them. They have only leaked once in the last couple of weeks! Any advice on changing as I've tried to give my Dd as much independence as possible and let her chnage herself with providing wipes and bags etc... But it's so messy that I've got to the stage now (last week) where I have to lay her down on a towel and change her (a bit like a baby) she absolutely hates this... But there is no other way around it because she has been heavily soiling her Drynites. May I ask how does your daughter change? Or do you have to take over and do the changing?? Thanks for your help...glad to hear I'm not alone :) x

  • Hi Ruthsmum27

    My Dd is quite independent with clean ups, particularly day times at school as she will not poo on a toilet at school, it's hard enough getting her to do so at home. Her soiling is associated with withholding and constipation her soiling / heavy soiling is something she can clean with wet wipes and toilet paper at school.Sometimes she needs help when she poos and wets in the night but most times she sorts it herself. One of the reasons we use pants and an inco pad is that she can pull the pants down and lift the pad out into a plastic bag. Then makes her way to the shower, takes her pants off and showers. She knows when she wont manage herself and asks for help but yes when I help it is on a towel on the bed and in the baby change position.

    At school she has a zip lock bag, spare pants, wipes and a pack of her own toilet paper. She has a signal using her pencil case to be allowed out of class and is able to use the toilets when they are not busy during lessons. This worked well in middle school which was fortunate as she heavy soiled most days but unfortunately we are having a few difficulties since she started secondary school last September with the teachers not noticing her signals. That said she is getting better going at home and we can predict days she is likely to soil/ heavy soil at school and those she probably won't and her type of underware is selected based on that.

    Is your Dd wet and soiled every night and does she wet / soil at school ? If so what support are you getting from the school ?


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