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Best nighttime pull-ups/pants

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Hi all, I'm new here. My 5.5 yr old has been having trouble with wetting in the daytime, which has got a bit better with the help of a vibrating watch. He also wees loads at night and we're struggling to find a pull-up that will contain it all. We take him for a 'dream wee' an hour or so after he goes to bed but even so he usually wakes up with wet pyjamas and sometimes wet bedclothes. Need to get better at restricting his fluid intake in the evenings.... but just wondering, can anyone recommend a good night-time pull-up or, even better, pants with some sort of absorbent insert? Ideally something that looks fairly unobtrusive so he's not too embarrassed if he goes for a sleepover with his cousins or whatever. The Huggies Dry-Nites don't work for us at all - at the moment he's in Carrefour size 6 pull-ups which are the best we've found, but they're not really doing the job either. When I called the Eric helpline they suggested a large nappy but he's nearly 6 and in Year 1 so I'd like to avoid that if possible. Thanks in advance for any suggestions x

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Like for example has anyone tried these?

Haven't had any experience but I've looked into this for someone else recently and there are companies on eBay like Bayliss mobility that sell Incontinence underwear and was wondering if something like that would work for you? Just enter children's Incontinence pants on eBay and it brings up loads of companies and options. Best wishes

Thanks Georgina1475, will have a look.

Hi, my son is 4.5 and we are in a similar situation. He does not seem to feel when he needs a wee, nor does he seem bothered when he's in wet clothes. He wee's a lot during the night too & I take him for a dream wee just before I go to bed, but despite this he still ends up with wet pjs & bedding around three times per week! My son wears Drynites but they don't work very well for him either, I just can't find any other decent alternatives. He doesn't really like pull ups so I want to avoid nappy style products if possible. I hope you find something soon, I can't offer any advice but do sympathise with you massively x

Thanks luna2017, sympathy and solidarity back atcha! Have you tried a vibrating watch for the daytime? It hasn't completely fixed things but it's made a huge improvement, and also means we don't need to nag him to go to the loo as much which is a winner all round... x

I looked into the watch last summer but was advised to wait because he was still a bit young, may look into it again now though. Thanks x

Yep the paediatric urologist told us to wait too (mind you our boy was a bit older, 5 and a bit) - but we were desperate so we gave it a go and it's definitely helped. We got the Malem one - it's not pretty but it does the job!

On the night time front, these seem to get good reviews: Again not pretty, but might give them a try...


Thanks, I will wait until he's about to start full time school then if it's needed I will order one, good to know it does help some younger children. I've just looked at that website, expensive but really good! I will also be ordering off there once pay day arrives! Pull ups cost so much & are wasted because they don't work on my lo anyway 🙄

Is the paediatric urologist different to the continence nurse? Is it worth me asking for a referral if I feel we need more support?

Sorry only just saw this! Yes the urologist is a doctor rather than a nurse, I didn't know there was such a thing as a continence nurse. Ours referred our son for a scan to check there was nothing structurally wrong so I guess that's worth having done just in case? Did you try the bedwetter pants yet?

I also found these which are more discrete but just can't imagine them holding all the wee...


It's ok :) My lb goes to a continence clinic & the nurse there referred him for a bladder scan, however at our next appointment I will ask about a urologist as we seem stuck in limbo at the moment without any clear plan. I totally forgot to order the pants! Meant to check my lads weight...will actually go and do that now, thanks!

Let me know how you get on with them!


Can I ask where you purchase them from? I've found them on Ocado but it's minimum £40 spend for delivery 😬 or 36 pull ups for £18.50 on amazon, is that about the normal price for them? Thanks

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...I've just ordered them from Amazon, if they help us more than DryNites do then it will be worth the money! 🤞🏼

OOh that's quite pricey, we get them from Ocado as we get our weekly shop from there anyway, they are £6.35 for 36. Sorry I misunderstood and thought you were trying the reusable bedwetter pants. If they work any better for you and you want to get an Ocado account, let me know and we can share £40 in vouchers! We are tending to do one or two dream wees at the moment after he goes to bed and that seems to be helping avoid wet PJs and bedding...


Do Carrefour make reusable pants? Sorry I've kind of feel like we've already had this conversation...but I've slept since then! 😂🙈 I registered with Ocado but they have emailed me to say they don't deliver to my area at the moment 😔 thanks though, very kind offer ☺️

For all of you, the reality is that Goodnites/Drynites are just not going to work for night time. They sacrifice capacity for discreetness. They are great for most kids for daytime use as they can be changed after a single voiding. The reality is that most kids who are wetting the bed do so several times a night. Unfortunately, you may not be able to completely avoid the embarrassment of having to wear full blown diapers, but what I believe will help is getting them to a point as soon as feasible, of managing at least the diapers themselves. Also, to help friends/relatives (children) understand that this is a problem for the child. the reality is that we put so much emphasis on having to be dry day and night that it doesn't allow for the kids who have problems. A lot of reasons. Polyuria, not secreting enough of the antidiuretic hormone at night, unusually deep sleeper (possible sleep disorder), not yet developing the ability to wake up during the night to void, unusually small bladder, and more. Kids don't like waking up in a cold wet bed smelling of pee. Be sure to clear any doubts about shame as there is nothing that they are doing wrong. Find ways to let their friends/relatives know that teasing them about it is not cool, as opposed to they're going to get in trouble if they tease your child. And finally, just keep loving your kids.

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Yup well said! These days we are in size 6 Pampers pull-ups which he gets on and off himself, and they do the job for now. I was hoping to switch to those boxers with a pouch for an absorbent pad to make sleepovers etc less embarrassing for him, but maybe they’d have the same issue as Drynights et al...

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YOU Should give the Goodnites Tru-Fit a try

very well said and so true

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