Hello from The Boy who Pooed his Pants!

Hello from The Boy who Pooed his Pants!

Hi, my name is James Parkin and when I was a child I often soiled my pants. This continued until I was 11, because I sometimes avoided using the toilet when I needed a poo. Instead I would withhold my poo in my body and then have an accident in my pants later. At the time, and for several years afterwards, I thought I was the only school aged child in the world who still pooed his pants and felt very isolated with my problem.

In the last few years I have been writing about my soiling experiences online to try to help today's children who have this condition, and their parents. This year I started a blog, which is nearly complete, writing in detail about my soiling problem. I have also written two books for children aged 6 to 12 who soil, called A Boy Like You and A Girl Like You.

I will be happy to answer any questions I can about my childhood soiling. I will probably refer you to a post in my blog, as this is quicker than repeatedly retyping similar answers.

Above is a picture of me aged 7 when my toilet problems were really started to make me unhappy, as I felt I was babyish and disgusting for pooing in my pants instead of using the toilet like other children. It was these feelings that spurred me on to try to overcome my problem and started me on the road to becoming completely clean.

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  • Wow this is great to read. I am a mum to two boys who soil pants ages 9 and 13. I am struggling and feel no one understands. Both boys waiting on there first pediatric appointments.

  • Hi mollysue, it's a very difficult and frustrating condition for parents to deal with, especially when you have two older children who soil, I hope the appointments come through soon. You may find some of the posts in my blog interesting: childhoodsoiling.blogspot.c...

  • I will look at your blog I use a different name Because don't want people from my area to knowy sons have the problems they do :(

  • Hi - just to say I think it's fantastic you're using your experiences to help others like this. So good to get a first hand perspective on the emotional impact of these issues on the kids.

  • Thanks Alibee, I've had lots of parents thank me for talking candidly about my experiences which some say have helped them to understand soiling from a child's point of view.

  • Sometimes our own kids find it difficult to find the words to talk about embarrassing things so yes, absolutely, much appreciated

  • I have a question when you would poop your pants at school how would you deal with the issue? The reason I ask this is because when I was in middle school and elementary school I pooped my pants on accident and I do not have any issues with my bladder or bowels, I sometimes could not make it to the bathroom sometimes. I look forward to hearing from you thanks.

  • Hi Gabe, I was actually extraordinarily lucky in that, although I sometimes went home in slightly dirty underwear, I had only one major accident at school, which was not discovered by my teacher or the other children. This was despite the fact that I never used the toilets at my infant school when I needed to poo.

    I write about this in more detail in my blog post, Soiling at School: childhoodsoiling.blogspot.c...

  • thanks for taking the time to answer my questions can I contact you again if i have more questions for you?

  • Yes, of course.

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