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My 7 yr old son had been constipated for near 2 weeks not having a poo. He was placed on a tough movicol regime to clear the blockage. For the last 10 days we have been through this and his stools went to the last stage on the chart - loose and watery. We hope this means the blockage has clearered. We reduced his movicol but his stools are still v v loose and still had little control. He has already had a week off school and I don't want him to miss anymore but equally don't want him to suffer awfully embarrassing soiling. Does anyone have any advice/help? When will his poos get back to normal? :-(

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  • Hi, I would phone ERIC helpline for advice.

    How many sachets daily is he on now? Did your GP discuss a maintenance dose with you to follow once the blockage had been cleared?

    Usually a lower dose is used for a while after to keep poo soft and easier to pass, for my daughter this was 1 sachet per day for a while and then slowly lowered. But it varies a lot between children.

  • Hi, thank you for your reply. Why son has suffered since he was 2 and we just get prescribed movicol on repeat prescription after a consultant discharged us and left to get on with it! This latest episode is the worst we've had and it's never gone on for so long! I did call the helpline the other day but didn't hear so will try again. And will get him back in to see the gp. Just don't want him missing any more school because of it. We've reduced sachets to half a day but just worried his poo will never firm back up!

  • Hi, I can relate to the worry of sending him to school and wanting to avoid accidents.

    I would think on a low dose of half sachet he should firm up soon.

    Sorry I can't give any further advice but I hope things get better soon.

  • Thank you so much x

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