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Constipation and Movicol


Hi I have a 19 month old boy and we have recently been diagnosed with suspected constipation. He has grumbled in his sleep from birth and I think it has been due to him being constipated. As he has got older the grumbling/growning has got louder so it wakes him several times a night.

We have been prescribed Movicol and for the first week of taking it he slept 7-7 with no wake ups. He has been on the Movicol now for about 6 weeks and has started waking again between 4/5 am.

Just wondering if anyone thinks he is now used to the dose and I need to increase it or might he be getting too much Movicol? His poo (sorry) is quite sticky but there are no big lumps in it. He has 1 sachet in the morning and 1 at night. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Well done on getting it in him at that age! Glad it is helping and you must be so happy to get the sleep :)

We certainly found we needed to up the movicol after a few weeks of it working well and I have seen others post to say the same. You don’t have to up by a whole sachet, you could try half. Just make up the full 62.5ml and tip away half of it (or keep it in the fridge) - don’t try and guess half the content of the powder.

I don’t think a sticky poo without lumps sounds abnormally soft but it might be worth another chat with the GP as he is so little.

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Thanks for your advice I’ve upped the dose today so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for tonight xx

I’d personally up it by 1/2. My son also suffered from birth. Also you don’t want to be going back to square one. You need to be consistent. I’ve been going backwards and forwards to hospital for 12 years now with the same thing asking for test to be done finally at the age off 11.

We never saw the same paediatrician twice. So each time I’d go through the same information time after time. Then at last he got to see the same paediatrician’s, it wasn’t until I went over his life story again that she heard me say that this has been going on since birth.

So she suggested doing a markers test and it came back that he has STC.

He has suffered all through primary school and still today. now his in high school with a good few challenges. I feel if they done this test in his early years STC wouldn’t off coursed such a huge impact on his life

Having to justify his self with every thing that he went through with school


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Sorry to hear that it’s sounds like a nightmare and so unfair! Thanks for you advice x

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