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Hi all I’m new to this virtual world, so apologies. I have been prescribed viagra and have used it a handful of times due to ED. I don’t want to rely on it and try not to use it, but admittedly I love the way I feel and it feels when using it however neither my wife or I want me to rely on it… any ideas to share?

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But if sildenafil works why not stick with it? Then at least you are having a sex life

But as I have posted before, I prefer tadalafil.

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MrJMan in reply to xsevenx

I suppose at 38 I don’t want to rely on meds to have sex for the rest of my days, we’re an active couple, and I think this could put a strain on what we both want/need, I’d that makes sense..

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rdmercer1953 in reply to MrJMan

have you tryed any supluments like zink and horney goat weed and others that are there

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You could try the low dose tadalafil (Cialis) 5mg taken daily. This way you should always be “ready” when the mood takes you to have sex, - no need to “plan sex and take a pill each time”

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You don’t discuss your general level of health. 38 seems a bit young for ED issues? How you your weight? How is you stress level?

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MrJMan in reply to CHPA

Stress level la are what they are lol I work for the NHS so not and easy time at the moment, my weight is healthy and my diet is healthy. I hit the gym 4-5 times a week….

It’s in my head I’m sure and yes 38 is young to have ED hence my utter frustration with it

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CHPA in reply to MrJMan

Ok... Just curious. Not a doctor but an avid health reader and you read where certain heart and vascular issue can cause ED and you want to fix the underlying condition. Stress and NHS and our current times, got it! I had a prostatectomy two years ago at 58 and have dabbled with Viagra and Cialis. I've been on a daily 5 mg Cialis as part of my recovery and it helps. I found 20 mg Cialis does the trick but causes mild to moderate heartburn. 10 Cialis doesn't cause issues. 50 mg Viagra goes down fine as well. The higher does of each causes a little visual blurriness when working on the computer and can cause a little congestion but nothing worrisome. Cialis peaks between 4 and 6 hours and lasts 36. Viagra peaks between 2 and 4 hours and taper off pretty quickly. Neither are ideal, on the other hand, thankfully they exist and generally do the trick.

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Before my prostatectomy I used brand name Viagra, Cialis and Tadalafil, after using those for a while and not really happy with the results my doctor prescribed me Sildenafil, it was the best, I had less side effects and it worked way better than any of the ED medications that I had used before

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Mikey29466 in reply to PerPlexedGuy

How have you been since your surgery? What is your dose and how long after surgery did you achieve full erection?Ty!

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It's not as though you can become addicted to it, or that it would make your penis too lazy to rise on its own if you don't use it. If you can afford it, go ahead and enjoy it. For me, the erections felt very normal and it made me more confident during sexual activity. There is literally no "down"side to it, as long as your doctor has given you the OK.

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I take Cialis twice a week and it does the job for me. If I forget I soon notice as my erections don't get hard. It takes a few hours to work but lasts days. Very satisfying erections

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WellySam - what dose do you take?

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