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Sildenafil and insurance breakthrough


I don't know how many of you may have been prescribed Sildenafil (generic Viagra) after prostate surgery. I had surgery in January 2018 and have been on Sildenafil and am happy with the results.

Amazingly I just got it approved via Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ. They supply it via ACCREDO the specialty pharmacy arm of Express Scripts. The best news is that it costs me $1.35 (one dollar thurty five cents) a month.

Just thought I would share this, we all need some good news now and then

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Its for a one month supply 50 20mg pills.

That is good news. I have used Cialis (US pharmacy purchase), and tadalifil (manufectured in Canada) purchased through a reliable Canadian pharmacy.

Cialis 5mg was $10./tablet

Tadalifil 5mg 94 cents/tablet

I can't tell the difference.

Try India Phar. 1/5 the price.

For others who want sildenafil (Viagra/Revatio generic) in 20mg tablet form and live in the US, the app "GoodRx" will give you excellent prices on a supply of 90. In Arizona, I get it for under $36 at Safeway. That is the equivalent of 18 100mg Viagra. So, if your insurance doesn't cover it (my Medicare Advantage plan does not), this is an option to look into. My urologist prescribes 1 a day to improve penile blood flow.

Sometimes I use generic viagra 50g to have better performace with my wife, but sometimes I prefer the original viagra 50g, filling so many differences between them, for me the original viagra causes much more effect.

And you my friends?


Hi I've had experience of Viagra, generic sildenafil, generic translation 25mg and daily low dose Cialis. Which form of sildenafil you have, I guess is a matter of preference. The low dose Cialis might not work for some at only 5mg.

Here in the UK on the NHS you pay a flat rate prescription charge unless you're exempt, then it's free. It's free if you're over 60 or have a cancer or hormone problem diagnosis.

However, you're only allowed 8 tablets a month. Low dose Cialis was blacklisted 2 years ago because of its cost. They say there's evidence that mean between 40 and 60 only have sex once a week. Over 60?

GPS cannot prescribe it, but specialists can.

The patent on low dose Cialis expired here last November, presumably generic low dose tadalafil will appear.

My opinion is that if it works for you, the daily dose is better even if you only have sex once a week, or less over 60. Especially in the first two years post treatment. Having daily erections even if you don't use the, (erections normally always occur when you dream and sometimes are falling asleep or waking up) helps maintain blood flow and prevent atrophy of erectile tissue.

I'd say if you do have some degree of spontaneous erection use daily low dose tadalafil. You can then be spontaneous.

Having never had to buy it, have no idea of cost.

Medicare doesn't cover sildenafil, but my urologist gave me a rX for generic Ravatio, which is sildenafil (Viagra) in 20mg pills. Using GoodRX, I can get 90 of the little buggers for about $35, and the equivalent of 18 100 mg Viagras. That is affordable, for all you fellows who don't have coverage. My urologist recommends taking one a day for improved blood flow.

My post surgery 5 mg Cialis daily prescription was not covered initially, until my doctor appealed the initial determination. But the price was $360 copay at CVS for 30 day supply. My doctor then recommended I now get 90 day supply for $36 dollars via on Highway robbery from Pharmacies and Drug Companies.

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