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Max units of trimix?

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What's the maximum number of units of trimix? Point 7 only works so-so for me.

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I am sure there is a max at one point. However, here is my experience so far.

When started on tri-mix Uro prescribed standard 1 which is Prostaglandin-Papaverine-Phentolamine 10mcg-30mg-0.5mg/ml. (The pharmacy has 10 standard mixes) and started me off on 20 units (in an insulin Syringe). That was initial dose in his office while training me to inject. It worked ok, but he recommended next time I up it to 30 or 40 units. Advising to move up slowly to find optimal dose for me (altering to find best for you is called titration). He also advised I may need to increase it over time because sometimes becomes less effective. If did and started to approach 100 units to let him know and he would move me to the next higher Standard mix. I had surgery 4.5 years ago. I'm currently using Standard 2 at 40 units. That mix is Prostaglandin-Papaverine-Phentolamine 10mcg-30mg-1mg/ml. As you can see I have long way to go before max out of Standard doses. They also can compound a specific combo to meet an individuals need as well. Additionally I started out with 5 mg of cialis daily. A year ago when I advised tri-mix was less effective doctor recommended try 20 mg of cialis with tri-mix. I found didn't make much difference for me. Have found taking 10 mg in am and 5 in pm makes me likely to experience night time erections, have ability to get slightly hard during day, occasional spontaneous erection to sexy stimuli (more normal is best way to describe) -- otherwise forget any reaction to anything other than when using tri-mix.

I'd speak with your doctor and follow his recommendations and be very honest with him about what you have tried. Ask question and for recommendations. Every one's case is different.

Long way to say I doubt you are anywhere close to maximum dosage.

Dear LL8,

Thanks for your prompt and lengthy -- and very helpful -- response.

I'll have to study to decipher it all. At any rate, as you conclude, I am relieved that I'm not overdoing it.

More later, probably.




Here is what it says on my Rx label -- "TRI-MIX #2 (HS) 15/0.5/5mcg" "NCD: 99999-003-93"

Can you please translate that for me. Can you provide any references to read before my appointment in three weeks?

Thanks again,


It is going to be the numbers associated with the amounts of the meds in your prescription. Need to know the order of them.

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