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Any advice?

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Despite being the prime of my sexual years, I am struggle to grow an erection, and/or maintain a healthy one at that. I have explored many different options, viagra, vitamins, men, and sexual therapy etc. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas for some alternative therapies/options?

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I take it you have had all the necessary tests and examination by a doctor?

Find out WHY first. That is the purpose of a men's health clinic, of a urologist, of an endocrinologist, of a mental health professional. You can waste much $$$$ on pills/creams/supplements,be specially if you have not identified WHY.

It is certainly a good idea to have an evaluation to see whether the problem is psychological or physical.

I got through ADT -- the hormone deprivation therapy that permanently hobbles most men's sexual functioning.

I did it using a ridiculously simple homemade device I call the Loop. It saved 80% of my sexual functioning, and I still use it because it provides a reliably hard erection -- better than I can achieve unaided.

If you wish, I can send you the same instructional document on how to make and use the Loop. I've provided for perhaps 100 other members spread across these three groups.

If you can provide me your email address in this site's private messaging system, I'll send you a copy free of charge.

I would get a health check in case there's an underlying issue with blood flow

I use cialis which I take twice a week and that works for me

Relaxing, using my imagination and getting in the right frame of mind are so important to me.

I get considerable stimulation from visual sources. The Internet gives a wide choice.

Physical stimuli help too. Keeping my foreskin rolled back keeps me erect or nearly so for part of the day. If I need help to harden my erection I squeeze the base of my penis gently to find the locations of the veins draining blood out of it. By restricting the outflow my penis becomes more engorged with blood and harder.

Choice of knickers has helped me a great deal; many kinds are not big enough to take a full erection without popping over the top. Some more traditional kinds of underwear are designed to keep the penis and testicles in a bunch pointing downwards, not good for an erection. I find that when fully erect, my penis points upwards at about the same angle as a woman's vagina points upwards and backwards inside her body. My choice is unisex stretchy knickers, similar to women's full-cut briefs without a gusset; instead, I wear a pad big enough to extend at least three inches past my bum hole. They can be pulled up past my navel to take my biggest erections, or rolled down as required. So my penis points upwards with my glans rubbing against my pad giving a very exciting feeling, the pad soaking up anything coming out.

When I was younger, usually I became erect when naked. I could sometimes be so excited when naked, especially when standing in front of a mirror or taking exercise such as yoga, that I would have an orgasm and ejaculation without touching.

Not long after puberty, I found that handling myself, legs apart, in a standing position was often more fulfilling than lying down. Stood up I had a harder erection. I would cup my scrotum in my left hand while rubbing the base of my glans by flicking my foreskin backwards and forwards over it. I have found this a good position for prolonging my enjoyment by 'edging' - letting my semen swill around my testicles and up and down my prick, pulling back just before orgasm.

I have also tried to develop and prolong spontaneous orgasms by relaxation and concentration supplemented by yoga exercises.

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