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Avoiding hematoma with injectables?


I use Bimix injectable, in the range of .10 to .20...but hate the hematoma that come with it. I avoid all visible veins...but 50% or more of the time get a nasty looking hematoma at the injection site. Any recommendations for avoiding these? Not a sexy presentation for oral.

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What size and length of needle are you using?

JPnSD in reply to fuelguy51

The standard insulin needles they provide - 1 ml, 12.7mm and 30 G.

I use a different injectable but have encountered the same issue. As you say it's really unsightly.

I find the thing is to immediately get some pressure on the injection site and keep it on for 20-30 seconds at least. If you see any blood, give it another 30 seconds.

Second thing is to be completely flaccid when I inject. I've had this problem once when I injected when I already had a partial erection.

JPnSD in reply to markh57

Thanks. Will try that.

Finger pressure at the injection site for a full timed (not guessed) minute.

Here are instructions which might help with your situation...

“Once the syringe is empty, quickly pull the needle straight out. Apply gentle, but firm pressure on the injection site with your thumb and your index finger on the opposite side of the shaft. Do this for 2 or 3 minutes to avoid any bleeding or bruising.”

Also are you using blood thinning medications? This could be the cause of the hematoma.

If your feel any resistance when pushing the syringe plunger, this could mean that you haven’t buried the needle deep enough. Pushing the medication against the plunger resistance will cause bruising. When you insert the syringe needle, make sure the syringe plastic base “dimples” your skin to insure that the needle is deep enough. There should be no resistance when pushing the plunger.

JPnSD in reply to fuelguy51

Thanks. So...we have gone from 20 sec...to 1 min to 2-3 min. I see the common denominator here...pressure. I use an auto-injector...so the depth is always the same. Thanks all.

mlbky in reply to JPnSD

I am on a blood thinner and have had the same problem. I now use a timer and do 3 minutes of pressure. Problem resolved.

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