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21 suffering with ED, needing help!!


I’m 21 and suffering badly from erectile dysfunction, getting it up and climaxing. I have a history of being on SSRI’s (antidepressants) from the age of 12-17 on and off however psychologically I’m sound now. My diet is healthy and I excercise a lot, I don’t smoke or drink heavily.

Has anyone else experienced this and can offer advice? Would be greatly appreciated

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I’ve been through the same mate, I went to docs and he put it down to lack of sleep, stress and performance anxiety, is this a problem with and without a partner?

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I spoke to a pharmacist and they’ve given me viagra but I need to go to my doctors beforehand to double check everything.

It’s a problem constantly, not just with a partner. If I’m alone etc etc then there’s always trouble unfortunately

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Yup I was/am the same. Def go see doc hopefully they can suggest alternative to viagra at just 21

I haven't been in your situation agewise (69) but I've been throughout radiation treatments and ADT. As you may know, ADT is very hazardous to penile health, because it puts your libido in deep sleep, and if you stop sexual activity, you're at risk for penile tissue damage and shrinkage.

But I got through that gauntlet with my Loop device. It has greatly helped compensate for the no-T condition Lupron puts you in.

The Loop instructions, if you want them, are down aways from my first post in the Prostate Cancer and Gay Men group, titled "A big hello to everyone ..". You'll see the link several steps down.

In addition, two wonderful devices are available to you now: Giddy & Xialla. They both, and the Loop, work because they all apply strategic pressure, but without constricting blood flow.

Please order! Or make a Loop for yourself per my instructions.

Good luck! Ask me any questions you want. Use private messaging line if you wish.

Could be a number a variables and is impossible to determine without a proper work-up and diagnosis by a doctor. One thing is certain, DO NOT SELF DIAGNOSE! Go see a specialist; which in this case will be a urologist who specializes in sexual medicine. If you’re in the US look at the SMSNA website or if you’re outside the US look at the ISSM website and it’ll help direct you to someone who specializes in sexual medicine. Most likely you’ll go through psychiatric evaluation and then a penile Doppler ultrasound and possibly a RigiScan assessment for proper diagnosis.

If you are having ED in all those circumstances you need a thorough evaluation by an endocrine specialist as well as a urologist. It is very rare for men to have ED even with solo sexual fantasy and masturbation. For the sake of your mental and emotional health, see an endocrinologist.

I agree, don't self diagnose, you're 21 and shouldn't be having this problem. But you mentioned that you're healthy so possibly stress? If a physician can't narrow it down I would recommend this:


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