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Erections coming back...sorta


I'm 1 year and 4 months post robotic surgery and 5 months post radiation. Score is zero! I use trimix for erections and it works . My doc says now is when I should be getting natural erections back if I'm going too. When I am not using the medication and get close to orgasm, my penis begins to get semi erect, about half of what it used too, but only as I get close to orgasm. Is this a sign of things to come or the best it's gonna get...Just curious if this is similar to anyone else's experience?

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Very similar to mine. I'm 19 months from partial nerve sparing RP. No radiation. I use Tri-Mix injections and they work very well. Also take 5 mg. Cialis. Pretty close to pre-op quality with the injection although I think I've lost a little length. Also developed a slight upward curve. Kind of interesting. I started Tri-Mix about 6 months post-op. Even without sex, it keeps the plumbing working until the nerves can regenerate. Although I don't waste the erection even if it's just a hand job. It takes a lot of manual stimulation to get semi-hard without the shot.

I began waking up with 50-75% erections a few times a week about 6 months ago. It's not very consistent. The only response I get when I first get aroused without a shot or manual stimulation is a little urine leakage. No bladder issues other than this. Also, sometimes ejaculate a little urine.

I feel like I'm still improving but haven't really been keeping records. I'd be interested in hearing how you're doing.

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